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Should You Sell, Repurpose, or Recycle Computer Monitors?

Posted by Junk King on Jul 4, 2019 3:52:00 PM

If you're still holding onto an old desktop, you might be wondering how to recycle computer monitors. Many people who make the switch to LCD monitors or laptops might have old cathode ray monitors in their house. However, throwing them out isn't an option. Monitors of all kinds, from cathode ray to LCD, have toxic metals inside that can seriously harm the environment.

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Being Smart With Office Relocation And Junk Removal

Posted by Junk King on Jun 17, 2019 6:36:00 AM


Relocating to a new office or building should be planned well in advance. Having a planning checklist can help.

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Topics: office junk removal, office relocation, Commercial Junk Removal, workplace junk removal, computer disposal

Responsible E-waste Disposal for KonMari Converts

Posted by Junk King on Jun 12, 2019 10:39:00 AM

Can you adopt the KonMari method to clearing out the clutter in your home without contributing to the e-waste crisis? If you follow the simple steps below, you can! Keep reading to learn how to responsibly dispose of e-waste and other items that no longer spark joy.  

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Topics: e-waste recycling, computer disposal, electronics disposal

Smart Computer Disposal Protects Your Identity

Posted by Junk King on May 10, 2019 12:04:00 PM

When it’s time to choose an option for your old computer disposal, it can be tempting to take the fastest or cheapest option. For many, this decision can prove to be far more costly than anticipated. If you are getting rid of an old computer, make sure you aren’t also getting rid of your sensitive documents and data in the process.

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