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Being Smart With Yard Waste Disposal

Posted by Junk King on May 14, 2021 5:00:00 AM


If you love working in the yard, odds are you're going have some yard waste disposal to take care of. But what if it's more than your trash bin can hold?

The good news is there is a smart way to deal with bulk yard waste disposal.

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Topics: Yard Waste Removal, summer cleaning, yard waste disposal, outdoor cleaning, organic waste

3 Reasons to Consider an Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Franchise

Posted by Junk King on May 13, 2021 7:44:49 AM

There are hundreds of different types of franchise businesses out there. If you ask us, we’d tell you that one of the most rewarding franchise businesses to explore is eco-friendly junk removal. Sure, we’re a little biased, and yes, junk removal isn’t the most glamorous industry, but when you consider the profound effect you can have on the planet and future generations, it’s a no-brainer! Not to mention, it’s a sound business decision for the long haul, as we’re recession and pandemic resistant too.

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Can Disposing Of TVs Be Easy? Yes, It Can!

Posted by Junk King on May 12, 2021 5:00:00 AM


Disposing of TVs might seem fairly simple. That is, until you try to do it. Old TVs can't be thrown in the trash and new TVs are too big for the car.

TV disposal is actually a bit more involved than many people realize. because there are several rules and regulations involved. But there is an easier way...

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Topics: TV disposal, recycling TVs, television recycling, what to do with old TVs, TV removal

When You Need Furniture Disposal Now!

Posted by Junk King on May 10, 2021 5:00:00 AM


Sometimes furniture disposal isn't something that you can put off to deal with later. There are times when old furniture has to be gotten rid of. Now!

Maybe it's during a foreclosure cleanup, or after a minor flood or small house fire. Old furniture left behind by former residents, or water and smoke damaged furniture, even old furniture pieces that you have no room to store - these all have to go quickly.

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Commercial Junk Removal When You Need It

Posted by Junk King on May 7, 2021 5:00:00 AM


Commercial junk removal comes with its own set of challenges. One of these is the fact that most businesses aren't well equipped for doing their own junk removal.

And another issue is that most businesses don't need junk removal on a regular basis, but only when they need it. 

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Topics: Business Junk Removal, equipment disposal, Commercial Junk Removal, commercial junk hauling, business junk hauling

Ever Wonder Where To Recycle Electronics? Look No Further!

Posted by Junk King on May 5, 2021 5:00:00 AM


Depending on where you live it can be a challenge to know where to recycle electronics. Fortunately, you can recycle electronics and it's not difficult.

And the good news is you don't even have to take them anywhere if you don't want to.

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Topics: electronics disposal, electronics recycling, what to do with old electronics, where to recycle electronics, recycling electronics

A Rental Dumpster For Spring Cleaning? Why Not?

Posted by Junk King on May 3, 2021 9:59:08 AM


In neighborhoods across America, homeowners and others are deep in the heart of spring cleaning projects. And one of the inevitable results will be junk. 

So, is there a better way to get rid of junk than hauling it in the family car? Yes, there is and it's a rental dumpster just for residential use.

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Topics: Residential Junk Removal, Spring Cleaning, home cleanout, household waste, garage cleanup

Television Removal And Disposal Facts

Posted by Junk King on Apr 30, 2021 5:00:00 AM


We are being flooded with old, waste electronics and much of it comes in the form of old TVs and computer monitors that often end up in landfills.

The problem with that solution is that electronic waste, or e-waste items such as TVs and old computer monitors contain toxic metals and other chemicals. And these can get into the local environments near the landfills.

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Topics: TV disposal, e-waste disposal, tv recycle, recycling TVs, recycle computer monitors, computer monitor recycling, TV removal

Computer Recycling, E-Waste, And You

Posted by Junk King on Apr 28, 2021 5:00:00 AM


Discarded computers are considered e-waste and must be disposed of properly, which doesn't mean in a landfill. However, it does mean computer recycling.

But finding a place to take your old desktops and bulky monitors still lurking in your closets, basements, or garages can be challenging. 

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Topics: E-waste Removal, e-waste recycling, computer disposal, recycle computer monitors, computer monitor recycling, computer recycling

Building A Gravel Yard Path To Save Water And Dress Your Lawn

Posted by Junk King on Apr 26, 2021 5:00:00 AM


You can cut back on lawn watering by adding hardscape features. A simple gravel path can reduce the lawn area and add curb appeal value to your home.

An inexpensive and easy to install gravel footpath meandering through your front yard can add a quaint charm and striking visual improvement. 

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