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Construction Debris Removal In Winter

Posted by Junk King on Sep 6, 2018 11:04:00 AM

Winter is only a few months away and there is a lot of construction still taking place. But the colder weather makes construction debris removal a challenge. What can you do?


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5 Deck Building Options For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Posted by Junk King on Jun 13, 2018 11:05:49 AM

The days of the traditional wood deck built with sixteen penny nails and swinging hammers haven't disappeared completely. But the options for building materials has grown tremendously and offer exciting possibilities.

It used to be that an affordable deck was built with treated wood of some type. For those with a bigger budget, a redwood deck was the way to go. However, once the movement towards an "outdoor living" lifestyle began to become more popular, deck designs evolved as did the need for more versatile, longer-lasting materials.

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Being Green With Construction Debris Recycling

Posted by Junk King on May 15, 2018 11:03:03 AM

Most people do make an effort to recycle when and where possible, especially household and residential waste. However, construction sites aren't usually considered a source of recycling practices. But they can be!

So, how much construction debris and waste is produced on a typical job site? And how much of that material can really be reused in some way? The actual amount and overall composition of construction debris varies depending on the type of project and size.

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Topics: residential contractor, construction debris removal, construction recycling, concrete debris, construction waste removal

5 Benefits When You Recycle Concrete

Posted by Junk King on May 8, 2018 6:10:00 AM

One of the most common by-products of demolition and remodeling is concrete debris. But, when responsibly disposed of, this material can be beneficial.

Regardless of whether a construction firm is engaged in demolition, remodeling, or even new construction, getting rid of leftover debris is a constant need until the project is complete. 

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Topics: concrete debris, concrete removal, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, construction recycling, construction waste removal

Top 5 Home Renovations That Offer Resale ROI

Posted by Junk King on Mar 29, 2018 2:55:54 PM

When homeowners are looking to put their houses on the market, it can often pay to do more than simply spruce up the place. Upgrades and renovations can be costly, but certain projects will bring back all or most of that cost in increased resale value.

Whether you hire a residential contractor or decide to go the do-it-yourself route, minor renovation projects to your home can be worthwhile investments. The prospects for your home improvements run the gamut from new front doors to landscape makeovers. The key is determine not only which projects  are most needed for your house, but which ones will bring the maximum return on investment.

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Topics: home renovation, DIY projects, Residential Junk Removal, construction waste removal, home remodeling

Construction Debris Removal Means Safer Job Sites

Posted by Junk King on Mar 27, 2018 10:58:22 AM

Every construction site needs periodic, ongoing clean up. But one of the benefits of construction debris removal is improved job site safety.

[This post has been revised and updated from its original publication in May 2017]

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Topics: construction debris removal, outsourcing construction waste hauling, construction waste removal, safety, construction recycling

Spring Is Here Along With Construction Debris Removal

Posted by Junk King on Mar 22, 2018 10:50:34 AM

The weather isn't cooperating everywhere in the country, but in many places construction has picked up again. And this means new homes and structures and more construction debris removal. 

Now that spring is officially here and the weather is improving in most of the country, new home construction and other building projects are ramping. And this means a great deal of construction waste and debris is being produced on job sites. And that means someone has to take care of getting rid of it.

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Tips For Managing Construction Waste Removal

Posted by Junk King on Feb 15, 2018 6:05:00 AM

For contractors, construction waste removal is an ongoing task. The challenge has always been how to manage it cost-effectively.

Construction, while it can be a profitable industry, comes with a large number of unique challenges.

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Construction Waste Disposal: Best Practices Include Recycling

Posted by Junk King on Apr 13, 2017 7:16:48 AM

Construction waste is a constant element for contractors. While there are options for how to best dispose of it, recycling may not be an obvious one.


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Home Improvement Projects Can Create Hazardous Waste. Seriously!

Posted by Junk King on Mar 23, 2017 8:19:07 AM

You may not think your new home improvement project is going to produce hazardous waste. But the truth is your construction debris contains more than you know.


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