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Wondering What To Do With Old Appliances? (Checklist)

Posted by Junk King on Oct 24, 2019 10:30:00 AM


If you find yourself stuck with a washer, dryer or refrigerator that no longer works you may be wondering what to do with old appliances? Wonder no more!

Getting rid of your old appliances can be a challenge. If they are still in working condition then you have a few more options. If they aren’t, it’s pretty straightforward.

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Topics: Refrigerator Recycling, washer / dryer disposal, dishwasher disposal, hot tub disposal, recycle appliances

To-Do List Item: Haul Away Washer (Infographic)

Posted by Junk King on Oct 22, 2019 10:19:00 AM


So, you bought a new washer! Maybe it was for an upgrade or just a replacement. But now you have a new “To-Do List” item: Haul away washer. 

On paper it might sound pretty simple. But once you think about how much that appliance weighs and how hard it is to maneuver through the house, you realize this is not a simple task.

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Topics: washer / dryer disposal, get rid of old appliances, Old Appliances, dishwasher disposal, recycle appliances

3 Tips For Disposing Of Your Old Dishwasher

Posted by Junk King on Jun 19, 2018 10:59:22 AM
Household and kitchen appliances get old. Sometimes they just need to be upgraded and other times they break down and must be replaced. Either way, you still have to get rid of the old one.
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Topics: get rid of old appliances, Old Appliances, appliance recycling, metal recycling, dishwasher disposal

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