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3 Tips For Disposing Of Your Old Dishwasher

Posted by Junk King on Mar 2, 2022 8:00:00 AM

3 Tips For Disposing Of Your Old Dishwasher


[This post originally appeared here in June 2018. It has been expanded upon, revised, and updated to reflect more recent information.]

Dishwashers get old. Sometimes they just need to be upgraded and other times they must be replaced. Either way, you still need old dishwasher disposal.

Hauling off and disposing of old appliances is a difficult task for any homeowner. Unless you already have an appliance professional or two at home and a large truck, getting rid of that old machine is going to be a challenge.

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Some Machines Just Don't Need to Hang Around

Household appliances are wonderful machines that make our modern lifestyle possible. 

From refrigeration to gas and electric cooking to cooled air, warmed rooms, and almost instant popcorn, life without appliances would be unthinkable for most of us. 

But they don't last forever. In fact, most household appliances tend to give up the proverbial ghost at around 8 to 12 years or so, except for gas ranges, which can keep on cooking for up to 15 years. The bottom line, however, is that every household appliance will give out at some point.

And we also tend to replace our large appliances before they actually stop working, which means we often have an old appliance or two that needs to be gotten rid of somehow, somewhere.

Some of these appliances you might find a new home in the garage perhaps, like an old refrigerator.

But hardly anyone needs two dishwashers!

This could be said for washing machines, clothes dryers, hot tubs, and even garbage disposals, as well. Even if they're in working condition, these are not the type of appliances we need two of.

And if the your old dishwasher needs to be replaced,  what do you do with it?

At Junk King, we get it. Unless the retailer of your new appliance is offering to take your old unit away for you for free, hauling and disposal of that old dishwasher is on you.

So, here are some tips to help you with that.

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Tip Number One: Sell Your Dishwasher

Okay, let's assume that your old machine is still in working condition, but you simply wanted to upgrade to a newer, better machine. Maybe one to match the other new appliances you just put in your kitchen. Whatever the reason, you wouldn't want to simply dispose of a perfectly usable appliance.

This is where you can make a little bit of pocket money while helping out someone who may not have the budget for a new machine. 

Yard sales or garage sales may be a bit of a stretch for finding buyers, but it's certainly worth a try. Various classifieds can work, and especially online services such as eBay, Craigslist, Nextdoor, and  Facebook Marketplace, among others.

You may also want to specify that the buyer is responsible for pickup and delivery, by the way.

And remember to clean the machine thoroughly and be sure to note any visible dents, damage or scratches. When you post your appliance online, always take plenty of picture. Include some close-ups and always use well-lit images. 

Remember, many times your photos are the only way you'll sell your appliance. 

However, if selling a dishwasher yourself is not your idea of time well spent, you can usually find plenty of used appliance dealers and other types of "junk" dealers who would be happy to take your old machine off your hands for a little cash.

Just don't expect to make a lot of money on an old appliance, however, regardless of where or how you sell it. 

One way to determine a fair asking price is to start with the original selling price and note how many years you've had the machine. 

Then, according to Hunker.com,

The depreciation of a fridge's value changes depending on how many years you've had it. A rule of thumb is that in the first year, the value halves, then it goes down by an additional 10 percent of its original price every following year.

At some point, it may be much simpler and faster to simply give your machine away.

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Tip Number Two: Donate Your Dishwasher

So, a good question to ask at this point is, "What is the average lifespan of a dishwasher?"

According to one source,

The life expectancy of a dishwasher is about 10 years, according to manufacturers surveyed by Consumer Reports. However, issues with the appliances tend to develop within the first five years.

Which means that if you've decided to replace your working machine after, say, six or seven years, then you'll be donating an appliance that might have another three to four years of working life left in it. That's an important point to pass on to the recipient of your donated unit.

And, assuming once again that your old dishwasher is still usable and not ready for the Scrap Yard in the Sky already, you will likely find a number of organizations that would be happy take it from you as a donation.

One of the great things about donating is that you can be a bit creative and look beyond the typical charities and thrift shops that you may already be familiar with. 

Many other types of of non-profit organizations have facilities that often include a kitchen or dining area. Maybe one of them could benefit from a "new" dishwasher? For example, rescue missions, shelters, and other facilities might be good places to check before handing it over to the first Goodwill or Salvation Army store you find. 

Another option might be to ask around to see if anyone in your neighborhood could make use of a functioning dishwasher. Many older residents are often living on fixed incomes and might be greatly benefited by having a working labor saving appliance such as a dishwasher gifted to them.

And, while it may tempting, you should probably avoid simply dragging your old machine out to the sidewalk near your home and taping a sign on it that reads, "FREE."

Not only is this a safety hazard for small children in the neighborhood, it can be a real eyesore for your neighbors and it may also be illegal depending on your city or county.

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Tip Number Three: Recycle Your Dishwasher

If your machine is broken and beyond repair, then these first two tips don't really apply.

However, there is still a better option than taking your unusable and non-working dishwasher to the local landfill. In fact, that may not even be an option depending on your location as many states and locales have banned most appliances from their landfills.

However, dishwashers - like most household appliances - lend themselves quite well to being recycled.

According to earth911,

The general rule is that a valuable appliance will contain mostly metal and no hazardous material. Today’s dishwashers are largely made up of plastic...

Once a dishwasher is dismantled, the bulk of it's components are metals - primarily steel - which can be processed as scrap metal and recycled.  In fact, many metals such as steel are infinitely recyclable and can be used to make new products like more dishwashers!

In addition, there will likely be a small amount of electronics that can also be recycled along with some of the other materials found in the motor and the hoses, etc.

In fact, almost all of the bits and pieces that make up your old dishwasher can be effectively recycled or reused if properly processed. The key is making sure it gets taken to the right facility. And that's where getting a professional team to pick up and haul away your old machine comes in handy!

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One Bonus Tip for Disposing of Your Old Dishwasher

There are many people who don't like dealing with selling things or haggling with others over prices and so on. And that's certainly understandable. This can extend to even dreading the prospect of taking their old appliances to scrap metal dealers or private junk yards that buy old items for cash.

Others are also adverse to the idea of donating their dishwasher and having to make the proper arrangements, fill out paperwork, and whatever else might be required of them. 

And we get that. 

But, what some of these folks tend to do instead is try to figure out how to dispose of their old appliance on their own. And, while that's certainly a reasonable option, it's probably not the best route to take given the alternatives.

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For starters, they will need a suitable vehicle for hauling a dishwasher since it won't fit in their trunk! And that means having to transport the machine out of their house, out to the street, and up onto a truck bed (or trailer.)

While this is doable it's not easy.

Dishwashers can weigh from 50 to 125 pounds. And they are bulky and hard to move. Consider that typical built-in dishwashers are about 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches tall.

Finally, assuming they have a truck and succeed in removing the machine from the kitchen and out onto the truck, they still have to transport somewhere. 

It should go without saying that simply dumping it on the side of a back road is both totally uncool and completely illegal. But taking it to the nearest landfill or waste transfer station may not be that easy either. So, the DIY dishwasher disposal person will have to research where and how to properly dispose of their old appliance beforehand.

Or, they can do the easy, simple, and cost-effective thing and just call Junk King!

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Recycling Appliances Can Be Easy with Junk King

Junk King is the team to call for professional junk hauling services to remove refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stoves, flattops, dishwashers, ranges and more. We have all the equipment and staff to remove a large dishwasher out of your kitchen, through the house, and into our truck.

Junk King will remove any household appliance that you don't want.

Whether the appliance is broken, or you are just upgrading your kitchen, Junk King can help you get it out of the way. We provide an eco-friendly appliance removal service to help you get rid of any unwanted household appliances, or any heating and cooling equipment.

Our professional and insured appliance disposal team will show up at your home and call 15 minutes before we arrive on site. Once there, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your items take up in our truck. You point and we haul your old appliances into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

So, are you ready to dispose of that old dishwasher? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Just make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865)

"Ready to bid farewell to that old dishwasher? Follow these expert tips to dispose of it safely and responsibly. Don't let it gather dust - take action now! Contact Junk King for hassle-free dishwasher removal and eco-friendly disposal services. Let's make your kitchen cleaner and greener. Get started today!"

Is your old dishwasher taking up valuable space? Make the right move today. Explore our tips for responsible disposal and declutter your kitchen with ease. Junk King is here to help! Contact us now to schedule your dishwasher removal and ensure a clean and eco-friendly future. Don't delay, declutter today!


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