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Why a Small Dumpster is the Best Idea

Posted by Junk King on Oct 24, 2017 11:47:00 AM

When you have junk that you need to remove, you can’t always count on your local garbage collectors to take care of it for you. Municipal waste collectors are excellent for helping you deal with small amounts of typical household waste, but they will often be unable (or unwilling) to deal with more complicated materials and larger loads.

For that reason, everyone from spring cleaners to renovators and event planners occasionally needs an alternative waste disposal solution. One of the most popular and reliable options is to rent a dumpster, but how large should it be? Should you rent the largest one you can find, or is it more important to choose a small dumpster that can be easily stationed on your property and use it well?


At Junk King, we understand the challenges that many people face when trying to decide on practical waste management solutions. That’s why we’ve examined the pros and cons of different sizes in detail. We’re going to tell you a few things about why we believe that small dumpster rental is a better way to go than trying to rent the most massive one possible, but we recognize that the final choice is up to you. Read on, and use our perspective to make an informed decision for yourself.

How the Physical Size of Your Dumpster Affects Your Work, and Why Small Dumpsters Matter

Many people assume that bigger is better. It’s entirely natural to do so—after all, years of advertising has conditioned us to think that way. However, when it comes to renting a dumpster, the opposite can be true. In many cases, a larger dumpster rental is less practical than a smaller one. Many companies offer rentals that hold 20 cubic yards or more. That’s enough space to hold six pickup truck loads. You probably don’t have that much junk to rid yourself of in the first place.

There’s another excellent reason to shy away from large dumpster rentals. Let’s say that you like the sound of being able to store six pickup trucks worth of debris in your container. Okay, that sounds awesome—but does your driveway have room for six pickup trucks? It probably doesn’t. Remember: you can’t just leave rental dumpsters on the side of the road in front of your house. It’s illegal in most areas for it to block any public right of way, which rules out streets, sidewalks, and other shared spaces. You’ll have to keep your dumpster on your property while you’re filling it, and unless you want to put it in the middle of the garden the driveway is likely going to be the only practical place for it. You need to make sure that any container you rent is going to be able to sit in your driveway without impacting your ability to park in the garage.

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Even if you have an expansive property with plenty of room, you don’t necessarily want to put your dumpster too far from your driveway. The reason for this is simple: it isn’t just going to be dropped off on your property; it’s also going to be collected once your rental period has ended. For that reason, you want to avoid putting it in a place that the rental company will have a difficult time accessing. Also, remember that you’ll need easy access the entire time you’re filling it with material. It’s much easier to walk onto your driveway and dispose of an item than it is to trek through your yard or garden.

How More Size Can be More Expensive

Larger dumpsters aren’t just more challenging from a logistical perspective. They can also end up causing more substantial costs. Remember earlier, when we mentioned that your rental company needed to be able to pick your dumpster up conveniently when the rental period was over? If they can’t, they might not be able to take it back on time. You could end up with a full bin sitting on your property for days longer than you had initially planned, and depending on the rental company you might even be charged late fees for that extra time.

Then there are the costs associated with filling your dumpster. To estimate these, it helps to know something about the pricing model your rental company uses beforehand. Some companies will charge you for the weight of your junk. Since larger dumpsters are often heavier, they add to the total weight of your rental. Because of this, you can end up paying more money for renting a substantial container, even if your load would have fit in a smaller one.

Other companies charge based on the size of the dumpster itself, which means that you’re paying additional money if you rent a large dumpster and don’t manage to fill the entire thing. If your company charges you based on the size you rent, you’d better make sure you have six pickup trucks worth of junk before going for one with 20 cubic yards of space.

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Finding a Company that Offers a Practical Size

At Junk King, we’ve tried to find a creative approach to this problem. Here’s what we came up with: instead of charging our customers based on the actual size of the dumpster they rent, we charge based on the space that they use. Here’s what that means: if you rent a small dumpster and pack it efficiently, you can pay less to rid yourself of more waste. Essentially, you get to reward yourself with extra savings for being logical and well-organized.

Our mini dumpster rentals come in at a friendly 12 cubic yards. 12 cubic yards still holds a lot of material, including everything from furniture and appliances to trash and loose construction debris. However, the compact size of our boxes also allows each small dumpster to sit in your driveway easily. As such, our clients often have an easier time situating and filling it with the material they no longer need. Because they are easy to keep in the driveway, our team members can also pick them up with greater reliability at the end of every rental period, helping clients avoid delays and extra costs.


Choose the Size that Works for Your Needs

A small dumpster will not necessarily be ideal for every circumstance. Some situations call for larger units, especially if you are cleaning up in the wake of a major project or event. The trick is not to use a small dumpster for absolutely everything and not to overestimate the actual amount of material you will need to have removed. Most home renovation projects, spring cleaning endeavors, and private events are unlikely to call for more than a small debris box with a capacity of 10-12 cubic yards.

The more you learn about the different kinds available and study the policies of the companies that offer them, the more prepared you will be to make an informed decision about your own waste removal. If you are looking for more information on our small dumpster rental or any of the other junk removal services we offer at Junk King, explore our blog or contact us during regular business hours and speak with a representative who can tell you more about our work.

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