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Tips for a Happy 2019 Fitness Experience

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Jan 21, 2019 6:02:38 PM


  1. Try Anything!  Once upon a time, the notion of getting fit in the New Year offered limited options: treadmill time, personal trainers, aerobics classes, or some celebrity workout posted on social media. These days, getting fit can mean anything from acroyoga to trapeze training.
  2.  Not sure where to start in that huge list of exercise offerings? No big deal; just pick one and go for it. If you don’t like it, you can always try something else. Maybe it’ll be something traditional like a kickboxing aerobics class, or possibly something more daring like indoor rock climbing. Get out there and see what you can find. 

  3. When’s A Good Time for You?
    Whatever you decide to try, make sure it will be convenient for you. If the fancy gym with the awesome monthly rate is on the other side of town, odds are you’ll stop going because it’s not convenient to drive all the way over there for a half-hour yoga class. Don’t have time to exercise during work hours or in the evening? Find someplace near your home or office that opens before work. Remember, the gym works for you, not the other way around. The class exists to help you, not to cause further stress.
  4. The Price Should Be Nice
    There’s been an increase in low-cost gym memberships in the last several years, designed to appeal to anyone looking to get healthy at a discount. But even if the gym only charges $10 a month, find out about any additional charges included, such as maintenance fees and any price increases after a trial period ends. And because “try anything” also applies to gyms, make sure you understand a gym’s cancellation policy if you decide the gym doesn’t work for you; nothing will kill your fitness goals faster than being stuck in a contract you don’t want anymore.
  5. Take in the Atmosphere
    Whether it’s a two-story air-conditioned gym that plays Top 40 pop music or a crossfit warehouse out by the airport that constantly has planes flying overhead, be sure to consider the atmosphere of any gym. Is it loud? What are the busy times? How clean is the place? Does everyone there resemble the Hulk? And most importantly, do you feel comfortable being there?
    And if you don’t find a gym to your particular tastes, resist the notion to judge those who do. Some people LIKE gyms with no air conditioning that smell of old socks. Whatever. More power to them.
  6. Keep at It
    Consistency remains the key to achieving any fitness goal. And the best way to remain consistent is to find something you enjoy doing. Keeping in good health stops being a chore if you enjoy the work, and you won’t be able to blow off steam at the gym if you’re stressing over the exercise experience. If you hate cycling classes, switch to an aerobics dance class. Weightlifting alone not helping? Try a boxing class. But whatever you do, just keep doing it.

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