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How to Transform Your Home with Old Furniture Pickup

Posted by Junk King on Feb 28, 2019 1:11:00 PM


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Are you ready for new furniture? Have you been putting it off because it seems like a hassle to shop, buy, and get old furniture pickup? Often people redecorate their homes and want to buy new furniture to coordinate with the new surroundings. But there are many things to consider before you hit the furniture store. Your budget and what you will do with the old furniture really determine how far you get in this process.

Attitudes About Furniture Are Changing

In decades gone by, people bought expensive furniture with the mind that they would have it for years and pass it down to their children. Today, people want to transform their homes more regularly. The current attitude about furniture seems to be that this piece of furniture will work for now, but you know that you will be replacing it in the future. This changing attitude in the durability and desirability of furniture has caused a spike in the amount of money that people spend on furniture each year.

In 2018 alone, furniture spending in the US came to an estimated $111.4 Billion. Spending per consumer unit was about $517 in 2017. Refurnishing your living room alone with new furniture could cost you between $2000 and $3000, depending on the size of your living room and what furniture you choose. With furniture spending at such a high, you might be looking for ways to cut corners on old furniture pickup and new furniture purchases.

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Cutting Corners on New Furniture

There are some ways to keep your furniture purchases down to a minimum. Discount furniture outlets are a great way to save money on new furniture that might be last year’s styles. You can also shop around at garage sales and thrift stores. While some of the furniture you may find at garage sales is not in the best condition, thrift stores usually have fairly high standards for the furniture they are willing to sell.

Options for Old Furniture Pickup

You really only have three options to get that old furniture out of the way to make room for the new—donation, sale, or furniture removal. Selling furniture may take more time than you are willing to spend. You don’t want to put off transforming your home with new pieces because you have nowhere to put the old while you are waiting to sell it.

Donation can also be tricky. Some thrift stores and other organizations will pick up your old furniture. But if the furniture is not in good condition, they may refuse to take it. If you take used furniture to the thrift store as a donation and it’s not in good condition for resale, you have simply put the burden of disposing of it on a non-profit organization that really can’t afford such costs.

The best option is to schedule old furniture pickup. You can have your old furniture picked up by a professional on the date and time you specify so that you are ready for that new furniture delivery. It is affordable, conscientious, and hassle-free.

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The Best Process for Transforming Your Home

The easiest way to transform your home with new furniture is to determine what pieces you want to have, and then start shopping. Limiting your shopping to places that deliver is usually the best option if you don’t have your own truck or method of hauling it to your new home. Once you have selected and purchased your furniture, schedule delivery with the furniture company for one or two days in the future, in the afternoon hours if possible.

Your next call should then be to someone who handles old furniture pickup. You can schedule the pickup for the same day as your furniture delivery, but in the morning. This will allow you to be without furniture for the least amount of time as possible, but you will have plenty of space to have fun rearranging your new furniture when it arrives.

If you are unable to schedule delivery of the new furniture for later in the day, you can move your old furniture to the curb for pickup to make room for the new furniture. In this case, having the furniture pickup on the same day as delivery will save your neighbors from the eyesore of furniture in the yard.

We handle all manner of furniture removal for you in a stress-free, professional manner. We also take furniture to a sorting site to have any recyclable parts removed so that as little goes to the landfill as possible. Contact us today for a quote for your old furniture pickup.

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