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How Many Dumpster Sizes Are There? How to Pick the Right One

Posted by Junk King on Aug 11, 2017 12:00:00 AM


When it comes to disposing of waste, you have several options available to you. A lot of people immediately think of loading their junk into the back of their pickup truck or borrowing a large vehicle from a friend, then hauling the contents to the landfill by themselves.

Others consider contacting a company to come and remove the unwanted material for them. There are certainly reasons why a person might try either of these methods, but that’s not what this article is here to discuss. This article exists to cover a method of waste removal that is far more efficient and cost-effective: renting a roll off dumpster and filling it so that a contractor can come pick it up later. Dumpsters can be extraordinarily useful to homeowners, event coordinators and handypersons of all kinds. They come in various dumpster sizes, and when hired from the right company can be much more convenient than other disposal methods.

Dumpsters and Convenience: An Overview

Several factors make dumpster rental more customer-friendly than methods like hiring cleaners or carting junk away in your own vehicle. Dumpster rental provides you with more control and flexibility than hiring a company, and it offers you more security and less hassle than moving your own junk. Remember: a removal company must meet you at a specific prearranged date and time, so you’ll be in an awkward position if anything happens to change your schedule at the last minute. On the other hand, using your own vehicle to move waste can damage the interior, and you may find yourself making an impractical number of trips if you have a lot of material you need to move.

Dumpster rental solves all these problems. It provides you with a window of time that you can use to make your own schedule for filling, which frees you from the obligation to be anywhere in particular at a specific point in time. Moreover, a dumpster rental can allow you to dispose of much more unwanted material all at once than using your own vehicle can. The trick is to choose a dumpster that gives you enough room to fit all your junk into it without becoming an inconvenience or a hazard. Let’s consider the pros and cons of various dumpster sizes. We’ll then recommend a balance between extremes that should suit most people seeking dumpster rentals.

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Small Dumpsters: Pros and Cons

Small dumpsters may only hold as little as seven cubic meters of material. Because of their limited capacity, their usefulness is restricted to relatively small projects. However, bear in mind that even a dumpster of this size can hold the capacity of approximately three pickup trucks. Even the smallest roll off dumpsters can accommodate much more junk than a truck can, which adds further credence to the argument for using dumpsters instead.

Small dumpsters are also much easier to place than large ones, which makes it easy to drop them off and pick them up. Convenience during pick-up and drop-off are important because your rental company needs to be able to access the spot your dumpster occupies with ease. If they have trouble picking it up at the end of your lease, you may face late charges, so it’s always best to rent a dumpster that can fit in an accessible place on your property.

However, that’s not to say you should always rent the smallest dumpster you can find. In fact, you may be surprised by the amount of material that even seemingly small projects can generate. Even simple room renovations or landscaping initiatives can produce a surprising quantity of junk, and less than eight cubic meters may not be enough space for all of it. It’s often worth renting a dumpster that is larger, just to be on the safe side.

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Large Dumpsters: Pros and Cons

Large dumpsters can offer you much more room to dispose of waste material. Some companies offer sizes of over 30 cubic meters. However, the same principles apply: extremes aren’t always your best friend when you’re looking for convenience. Large dumpsters can certainly be more accommodating, but they also have the potential to be much more cumbersome.

The larger a dumpster is, the more space it needs to take up on your property. You can easily store a small dumpster in your driveway, but a large dumpster could block your parking spot or route to the garage. Place it elsewhere though, and you might find it difficult to remove. There’s also one more fact to consider: some companies will charge you more money based on the size of dumpster that you rent. If you’re going to rent from a company with similar policies, you should take care only to rent a little more space than you think you’ll end up using.

However, it’s important to note that not every company charges you according to the size of the dumpster you rent. At Junk King, we take a different approach: we only charge you for space that you use. This policy allows you to select a dumpster that you know will be able to accommodate the amount of material that you have, without worrying that you’ll face charges for space that you don’t use. Furthermore, those of you who are particularly good at using space efficiently can reap the rewards for your conservation efforts with lower prices.


Finding a Happy Medium for Dumpster Sizes

At Junk King, we’ve spent a long time renting dumpsters to customers across America. During our efforts, we’ve noticed a couple of things that have helped inform us about the best dumpster sizesto offer clients. We know that a small dumpster will have limited use and that a large one may be awkward or impractical to move. Our standard dumpster size endeavors to strike a balance between these two poles.

We’ve found that medium sized dumpsters encapsulate the advantages of small and large dumpsters without running into the attendant problems of each. The dimensions of our containers are approximately 8 x 12 ft., and they have a volume of 12 cubic meters. That’s room for about four and a half pickup trucks’ worth of material—a comfortable amount of room that should suit most individual home improvement projects or small events.

The dimensions of a medium sized dumpster also ensure that it will be able to sit comfortably on your driveway. The driveway is an ideal place to keep a rental roll off dumpster, since it allows for easy access when your contractor returns to take it away from your property and dispose of the contents. However, an 8 x 12 ft. dumpster is unlikely to completely block your driveway, which ensures that you’ll still be able to park there comfortably. We’ve found that medium sized dumpsters are often the most effective across a broad range of projects.

Not All Dumpsters Are the Same, so Choose Your Size with Care

Dumpster rental remains a much more viable option for waste removal than practically any other strategy, but you should approach it with a bit of forethought. Dumpster sizes vary widely, and hiring a dumpster with the wrong size can create additional challenges. To keep everything running smoothly during the cleanup phase of your next project, make sure you’ve selected a dumpster with a size that you can work with comfortably. Visit Junk King online to learn more about dumpster size, different pricing models, and how proper placement can save you considerable resources during your quest to dispose of unwanted material.

Junk King can efficiently and affordably pick that old junk up for you. Call 1-888-888-JUNK or book online to schedule a free on site estimate. Junk King, the best in old furniture removal and pick up, also makes sure that old furniture end up where it can be reused responsibly.

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