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Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Nov 11, 2021 10:30:49 PM


Every year, the numerous websites and media companies publish long lists of gift ideas for the holiday season. For the most part, these lists have a uniformity, offering information on the latest items on the holiday gift market.

It’s pretty standard. And pretty stale.

So instead of a list of the newest toys, appliances, and technological wonders available for the 2021 holiday season, we’ve created a list of experiences that could be had at a fraction of the price. And the best thing about this guide? You can give them as a gift to loved ones, but you don’t have to feel guilty about having one for yourself. 

1. Axe Throwing

Like smash rooms, axe throwing have been trending for a few years now, which means it shouldn’t be hard to find one within driving distance.

And don’t be fooled by the simple concept, either. It’s harder than it looks. The aerial mechanics involved with chucking a hatchet or logger axe across a room and getting it to stick into a wooden wall can be trickier than throwing a dart. Luckily, on-sight professionals will teach everyone how to safely handle and toss the tools of a lumberjack. 

Bonus: some axe throwing establishments allow the consumption of alcohol during the event. Just not while it’s your turn to throw.

2. Zip lining and/or Aerial Obstacle Courses

Two chief requirements come with this recommendation: you’ve got to weigh a certain amount (usually less than 250 pounds, but it varies), and you’ve got to be okay with heights. 

Once you’ve cleared those two hurdles, however, this experience can be phenomenal.

Depending on the location, zip lining and aerial obstacle courses can offer fantastic views and a physical challenge unlike anything found in a standard gym. Both require a person to climb up, over, and around various aerial challenges, and zip lining offers the thrilling reward for making the climb with a slide down a wire. 

By comparison, running on a gym treadmill offers the experience of slight elevation while going nowhere.

3. Motorcycle Riding

Always wanted to ride a motorcycle but never had the opportunity? Don’t know anyone with a bike that can teach you how to ride? Then why not sign up for a class and get certified in the process?

Depending on the class in question, most motorcycle schools offer two days of practical riding experience while also providing information and/or certification approval for students to acquire a license to drive motorcycles on the road. If you’re old enough to have a standard driver’s license, you can partake of the motorcycle class. 

4. Blacksmithing

For anyone that’s watched a fantasy movie and thought, “Man, it’d be awesome to make my own sword,” finding a blacksmith might be a fantastic gift idea.

This gift idea might be harder to track down, so try looking for schools in areas that offer adult arts and manufacturing classes like glass blowing or welding. Once you locate a school, ask about classes to create tools and objects like knives, swords, and axes. The blacksmith might also offer classes on more practical items, such as metal tables or wrought iron pieces of art.


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