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Donating Junk During The COVID-19 Shut Down

Posted by Junk King on Apr 29, 2020 8:16:53 AM


With so many of us sheltering at home and, in a number of cases, not working, we've kept busy by decluttering and getting rid of junk.

The problem with being in the spring cleaning mode, however, is that now you have piles of things sitting in a corner or stacked in the garage that you want to donate or get rid of. And that can be a challenge!

Finding a Home for Your Reusable Junk

At Junk King we are committed to the practice of "Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose" and we strive to do that with as much of what we pick up as possible. And, because of our junk removal commitment to being green and environmentally responsible, we appreciate that many of our customers and neighbors feel the same way.

But what do you do with all your unwanted, but reusable, junk if your local charities and donation centers are closed? 

Most donation centers have had to temporarily close their doors due to ordinances from local governments leaving limited options for what to do with that junk. In fact, in one major metro region, a local TV news station ran a story on what they called "donation dumping."

According to the story from KRON in San Francisco,

As people shelter in place across the Bay Area, many are taking their time to declutter and create donations for local thrift stores like Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul Society.

However, those thrift stores have been deemed non-essential, meaning the donations are left dumped outside of the stores for hours or days on end, eventually having to be thrown out.

"We don’t have staff there to take in any donations, so it can get rifled through by someone who sees it there, it can get rained on, which happened to some book donations the other day, animals can get to it, but end result, it becomes trash. we have to throw it all away," said Claudia Ramirez, Executive Director of St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa county.

This is a somewhat tragic situation for what should be useful and needed donations. Not only do these items fail to be used again, the non-profit organizations have to pay for them to be picked up and then dumped.

Does this mean that you should forget about donating

Not at all!

While the various charitable organizations don’t want to discourage people from donating altogether, they’re asking donors to hold on to their donation items if they have the space.


the do you really need it checklist

A Socially Responsible Alternative to "Donation Dumping"

Instead of stockpiling unwanted clothing, utensils, furniture and other items for donating at some unknown point in the future, you can have a professional junk removal team come by and take them for you. 

As a socially responsible junk removal company, Junk King donates, recycles or repurposes at least 60 percent of the items we pick up. This is made possible because your local Junk King team has established relationships with many local charitable and non-profit donation centers.

You may still be "sheltering at home" for a while longer, but junk removal is an essential business, which means we can come to you. We can help you remove that junk and donation items that you've gathered during your spring cleaning and decluttering efforts.

All of that stuff is taking up space in your home right now but we can remove it all safely and efficiently, and we’ll make sure your items get donated once it is safe to do so again.


dropping off donations


Your Team for Socially Responsible Junk Removal

Some people hesitate to call for junk removal services because they don’t think of their unwanted belongings as junk.

At Junk King, we understand.

The good news is that you can still clean out your house of unwanted items while still doing the environmentally friendly and socially concious thing with junk removal from Junk King.

Great customer service and a commitment to recycling and reuse are vital elements of Junk King's mission. We make it easy for you to say goodbye to unwanted junk, and we make it easy on the planet, too. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and provide simple, upfront pricing.

Our junk removal services are performed by friendly, trained, and insured professionals who quickly haul away the junk and truck it off to the most eco-friendly disposal methods available.

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

As an eco-friendly junk removal company that donates, recycles or repurposes at least 60% of the items we pick up. Your local Junk King team has established relationships with many of these donation centers. We can help you remove that clutter taking up space in your home right now and we’ll make sure your items get donated once it is safe to do so again.

Our junk removal is 100% touchless to ensure the safety of you and our crew. Schedule today by calling 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or book online.

Or, for a virtual estimate, text us a photo at 1-737-888-5864 (JUNK).

Another option is Junk King's MINI Dumpster:


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