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Can You Recycle Refrigerator Water Filters?

Posted by Junk King on Feb 11, 2020 10:30:00 AM



One of the great features of many refrigerators is the water and ice dispenser. But can you recycle refrigerator water filters when you replace them?

The short answer is, yes! But do you want to?

Keep Your Water Fresh - and Safe

Refrigerator units that feature water and ice dispensers are great. But they also have limitations and one of these is the useful life of the on-board water filter. 

The typical working life of a refrigerator's water filter is not long.

Most experts and refrigerator manufacturers recommend that refrigerator water filters be changed at least every six months. While, six months is an average, the actual useful life can vary widely based on factors such as usage, flow rate expectancy and the manufacturer.


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Unfortunately, it's also not a good idea to leave old filters unchanged for too long. 

According to American Appliance Repair

"As your water filter begins to wear out, it will become less effective at filtering out the various chemicals, minerals, and microbes that may be present in the water supply. This may soon become apparent to you in the form of changes in the taste and odor of the water coming from your refrigerator."

Although not recommended by most manufacturers, most refrigerators with water filters often have a built-in bypass plug that allows it to operate without a filter if needed. While the water and ice will dispense without filtration once the bypass plug is successfully installed, it's not an ideal set up. 

There are a number of good reasons to avoid running your water dispenser without a filter, however. As one filter manufacturer points out,

"By simply replacing your filter on a regular basis, you can avoid drinking unwanted chemicals, particles and bacteria, which can cause or lead to serious health problems. Another good reason to change your water filter regularly is to prevent scaling and deposit build up that can cause damage to your refrigerator."

But a common question that comes up is whether or not you can reuse or recycle them?


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Refrigerator Water Filters - Rinse, and Repeat? Or Recycle?

One of the positive aspects of these water filters is that many of them can, indeed, be reused. It may not be a process most people want to undertake, however. According to some sources, the cleaning process involves soaking your filter in a muriatic acid solution for up to five days before thoroughly rinsing and then re-installing. 

In addition, many manufacturers discourage customers from trying to clean and re-use water filters. 

But many consumers dislike having to purchase these quite costly devices every six months. And there is the fact that this adds up to millions of used filters being added to the waste stream on a regular basis.

And that's why it's good to know you can recycle refrigerator water filters.

Perhaps the only downside is that you can't just place your old filter in your household recycling bin and hope that it will be properly recycled. But don't despair! There are multitudes of resources and outlets for seeing your old refrigerator water filter off to a new life.

One site to consider for recycling your water filter is https://www.recyclewaterfilters.com/.

If it turns out that your refrigerator manufacturer does not have it's own filter recycling program, you can still make the effort to have the plastic components of the old water filter recycled locally


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