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Posted by frankc on Oct 31, 2013 12:34:24 PM

There are lots of important things to remember when moving—including the health and welfare of your pets.

While I am happy to share tips from personal experience, I'm not an expert on moving—one move in thirty years does not an expert make. But I do know that some pets are extremely vulnerable to the stress of moving. One of my dogs gets crazy with a car ride of even a few minutes. If your dog (or cat) is similar to my dog, moving any distance can be a nightmare. So, plan, plan, plan in advance. A move across town will be difficult. A move across country could be near disaster.

How does this relate to Junk King hauling and recycling? Well, suppose you arrive at your new digs and find out the yard is not pet-proof. A fence might have gaps in it, need a new fence? We remove the debris. Do you have to remove a bunch of cut greens from those hazardous-to-pets shrubs and trees? Junk King can take care of that mess. (See link of potentially-harmful plants below.) Has the last tenant left some pet-delicious trash that your dog just can't seem to leave alone? We'll remove it.

As far as relocation goes, moving companies do not take pets. You will either have to fly your pets to their destination, or drive them out. If you drive them, remember to check on pet-friendly hotels. There are lists of them on the internet. Plan for lots of potty breaks for your pet. Remember to bring water, perhaps a favorite pet toy, and confine your pet to a carrier. While your dog may be used to riding in the car, surely most cats are not. And imagine having your cat freaking out and sinking its claws into you while you're driving across country.

Make sure your animal has its tags with a contact number that will find you—no sense having your old phone on the tag—or better yet, micro-chip your pet. Keep health certificates near and available. Some states require health certificates for your pets. There are a bunch of other tips available on the web. Check out the SPCA website (see link at the bottom of the page.) Also, no one is as in tune with bizarre pet behavior as Allie from Hyperbole and a Half, the hilarious web-comic. I also included that link.

Finally, remember: Junk King hauling and recycling has the answer to your mess whether you are in the midst of moving with pets or staying put. Clutter is stressful for pets and humans. Moving clutter is stressful and senseless. Your new place, if it is full of pet-unfriendly garbage, can harm your furry friends. Call Junk King—we put the “purr” in the “purr-fect” solution for junk removal.

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