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Benefits of Recycling Old Furniture, Large Trash and Everyday Items

Posted by Junk King on Sep 13, 2011 10:03:54 AM
There isn’t really any doubt in anyone’s mind that recycling is beneficial to us all. Just take a look at all the landfills in your area that are filled with plastics and other materials that will never break down.
Those blue bins the trash company provides you with for separating bottles, paper goods, and cans for recycling should be a regular part of your daily routine. No one should even have to think about it anymore.
Certain substances can only be recycled; they do not degrade. If you’re planning on doing some cleaning in your home, make sure you know which ones they are. Textiles like rayon fall in this category, as do plastics and polymers. They’re built to be indestructible and they are, so make sure the junk removal company that takes them away is going to be recycling and not just dumping them. That old couch could become a new piece of furniture or a garment for someone. It still has a use. Throwing it into a landfill would be a waste and could poison the soil. Those dyes and wood preservatives they used to manufacture it are usually toxic.
If you’re not able to see the environmental benefit of recycling, consider the financial impact it has on our economy. Every year, hundreds of trees are cut down for paper goods and thousands of pounds of harmful emissions are released into the air by plastics factories. The economic impact of just these two actions is staggering. The trees need to be replaced because they’re our source of oxygen. The factories need to be refitted to lower emissions. Accomplishing either of these costs money – both the actual cost of the actions and the legislation and lobbying required for them to happen.
Some states have bottle bills that require a deposit on all plastic bottles and cans. The deposit is refunded when you return the empty containers, a good incentive for people to recycle. With the economy being the way it has been, you don’t even have to cash them in yourself. In most cities if you place your cans on the sidewalk in a paper bag someone will come by and get them. There are plenty of folks out of work who are happy to make their money five or ten cents at a time.
It’s important to recycle. There is also a responsibility that comes with doing it. Use the bins the way the trash removal company instructs you to because doing otherwise it will cost you and them more money.
When you have a large piece of furniture that you need taken away, don’t just leave it out for the trash trucks. Consider calling a junk removal company like Junk King that specializes in recycling and can bring the item someplace where it can do some good. The end result of actions like that will be cleaner air, land, and water, not to mention much-needed job creation in the recycling industry.

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