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Hauling Damaged Furniture

Posted by Junk King on May 13, 2010 3:51:53 PM

There's quite a few ways that the furniture in your house can get damaged. The most common reason that furniture or equipment is no longer of value is due to wear and tear. Most material simply wears down after a period of regular use.

 This could be your favorite leather couch, which you've held on to since those college days. The couch still might look 'OK' to you but has tears running down the side and is missing a corner piece. Now that you have a family and regularly entertain friends for dinner, you figure it's time to put that old couch out on the curb.

Another common way that furniture becomes damaged is due to pets. You just got a little golden retriever pup and he's run wild in your house for the past several weeks, leaving some dining room furniture and a lazy boy recliner in tatters. You can't bear to give up the little guy, but you can replace the ruined furniture with a new set of pet friendly items.

Children also are a common reason to replace your old furniture. If you are expecting a baby or a grandchild is staying over during weekends, you'll be sure to look into child-proofing your house. This can often mean getting rid of some old items that simply aren't safe for a toddler to be around - things with sharp edges and small removable pieces. Kids also can be the direct cause of your damaged furniture - whether it be a glue explosion on that persian rug or permanent marker stripes across your old headboard.

Mother nature can also be a major factor in ruining your furniture. Flooding can wipe out entire rooms and permanently destroy many items in a household. Hurricanes can blow out windows, expose your house to the elements and toss furniture around. Earthquakes, snow storms, tornadoes and everything else - any of these natural disasters can wreck havoc on a house.

No matter how your furniture was damaged, you now have to decide how to deal with it. The easiest way to get rid these items is by calling Junk King, who provides reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly junk removal services to homes across the country.

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