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Where Can I Throw Away a Couch?

Posted by Junk King on Feb 27, 2019 12:52:00 PM


A good couch can make your living room pop. It provides both comfort and style. Similarly, a worn-out couch detracts from your overall decor. The popularity of a couch or sofa makes it the most likely piece of furniture to wear down and get damaged. Due to its size, it's also a bear to remove.

That's why it's so appealing to rent a roll-our dumpster or to hire a junk removal service like Junk King to take it away. Your back will thank you and you don't need to call in a chit from a friend or neighbor. It involves less hassle than any option listed below. Junk King will even recycle your couch whenever possible. This option is even more appealing if you have multiple furniture items or the couch was not yours to begin with (say, if a tenant left it behind).

But if you want to throw away a couch for free, keep reading.

Do You Have to Do This Yourself?

Maybe not. Ideally, the best way to throw away a couch is to let someone take it away for free. But who would be willing to do that?

  • The retail store where you bought your new couch? Nope, not for free. Many, if not most will take it away, but you will need to pay.

  • Charities like Habitat for Humanity? Maybe. This is a great, green solution--the sofa can even be deducted from your taxes--but even charities want a clean, spotless couch. If your couch was in such good condition, chances are you would be keeping it.

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  • Friendly strangers, who pick up your couch after you and a friend haul it to the curb? Perhaps, in some areas. But it takes at least two people to take your couch, plus wheels. The larger your item, the less curb-friendly it is. Also, if it rains, nobody will touch your soggy eyesore.

  • Local waste management? Call first to see if they take heavy or oversize items. They may take them on a particular day in the month or season, or they may not. Also, there may be an extra charge. That's not free, but it may be cheaper than hiring someone to take it away.

  • Craig's List? A timely ad online might help. If no one bites in the first day, take down your ad and put up a new one. Craig's List ads tend to work in a day or not at all.

  • If you own or can borrow a flatbed truck, get some help carrying your sofa to the truck and haul it to the nearest dump. That's free. If you can't lay hands on a truck, you'll need to pay. Rent a U-Haul van or something similar. You may even need to pay a family member something to help you pick up and toss your old sofa. Nephews and nieces always need money.

  • Is your sofa partly metallic--say, the arms or framework? Probably not but, if it is, call your local scrap dealer. He may be interested. You'll still need to deliver it, most likely, which means hauling it to your truck or U-Haul.

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Rip It Up, Break It Down

To throw away a couch in your trash or a nearby, unguarded dumpster, you can disassemble a couch yourself. It's a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of garbage. But hey, it's free.

  • First, get your tools ready. A box cutter or circular saw, or even a hand saw, will help. Wear clothes that can get dirty or torn. Be safe, too: wear gloves for cutting, a face mask to avoid inhaling particles and eye goggles if you use a powered saw. If the sofa belonged to someone else especially, wash your clothes afterward as soon as possible. Some parts of the country have problems with bed bugs and they don't just stay in mattresses.

  • Start by cutting off the padding. A box cutter will do the trick, but a circular saw will work better. Be careful not to breathe or make skin contact with the cushion material, which may or may not have toxic properties. Throw away the cushions.

  • Cut off whatever fabric you can remove. Expose the wood frame.

  • Cut the wood frame into smaller parts that are easy to throw away. Avoid metal parts, such as springs and nails, when sawing, especially with powered saws.

  • Throw the smaller parts in a dumpster or trash can. Hope that your garbage collector takes it away. If they don't, get on the phone.

If that sounds like a lot of work, you're right! But it's a free way to throw away a couch.

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