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Trash Dumpster Rentals Don't Have to be Enormous

Posted by Junk King on Oct 26, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Whether you are in the middle or a renovation or preparing for a move, having a dumpster in your driveway is the easiest way to expedite the clean out process.

From furniture to drywall and beyond, trash dumpster rentals provide an optimal solution for no-fuss trash removal. The question is, how big of a dumpster do you need for your project?

Trying to Estimate Dumpster Size


At Junk King, we offer self-service dumpster rentals. The question about optimal size is one we hear repeatedly. Our customers know they need an onsite garage disposal solution, but they aren’t sure how much capacity they need. After all, with most rental services, sizes range from 10 cubic yards on the low end to 40 or 50 cubic yards on the high end.

Most people don’t know what a cubic yard looks like—let alone how quickly their boxes of junk will fill up a 10 or 15 cubic yard dumpster. It’s even hard to estimate how much debris a remodeling project will create.

Some trash removal services will offer analogies and comparisons to help their customers get a better sense of what a dumpster rental might hold. For instance, one service might tell you how much one can hold in standard pickup truck loads. (E.g. “This dumpster can hold about six pickup truck loads.”) Another service might make a comparison using a common, standard-sized appliance. (E.g. “It can hold ten standard-sized dishwashers.”)

These kinds of comparisons can help you visualize the size of a dumpster before you rent. Typically, though, they aren’t that helpful unless you’re literally throwing away ten dishwashers, or have hauled away enough debris in your pickup truck to know precisely how much stuff your truck can fit. Often, customers end up overestimating the size of their loads. They rent huge dumpsters and then only fill them a fraction of the way to capacity. Since most rental companies bill you full price regardless of whether you fill the dumpster or not, these overestimations can be costly.

The Other Hazards of Large Dumpsters

Paying for space you don’t use is only one of the hazards of renting an enormous dumpster. Another significant factor you need to consider is how much you can actually fit on your property. You might think you have 20 or 30 cubic yards of junk in your home or office building to remove, but do you have a space that can accommodate a dumpster of that size?

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Homeowners with small driveways (or no driveways) need to be conscious of logistics when planning their rentals. If your driveway has a steep slope without much flat ground to spare, you need to think about that, as well. You don’t want a dumpster that makes it impossible to park your car, or that sticks out of your driveway into oncoming traffic. You also don’t want to put it too far from your home or building. Otherwise, you eliminate a lot of the convenience of having an onsite trash disposal solution in the first place.

Bigger dumpsters are also extremely heavy. If your dumpster rental service technicians aren’t careful dropping off or picking up your dumpster, they can end up damaging the asphalt or concrete of your driveway. If the driveway itself isn’t big enough to accommodate the dumpster, the damage can extend to your lawn, garden, or landscaping. Particularly if you are cleaning out your house because you plan to sell it, you don’t want ugly dumpster indentations in the lawn, hurting your curb appeal.

Finally, bigger dumpsters take longer to fill and can often attract raccoons or other pests to your property. By filling up a smaller dumpster and then having it hauled away and replaced if you need more capacity, you can avoid creating a magnet for scavenging animals.

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Why Smaller Trash Dumpster Rentals Might Do You Good

At Junk King, we don’t ascribe to the “bigger is better” mantra for trash dumpster rentals. Indeed, our self-service junk removal rentals centers around our Junk King MINI dumpster. As the name implies, the MINI isn’t some enormous dumpster with 30 or 40 cubic yards of capacity. Instead, the MINI is a 12-cubic yard dumpster—small enough to fit in your driveway, but large enough to handle most your debris needs.

Indeed, while 12 cubic yards may sound small compared to the biggest dumpsters on the market, it can still handle appliances, furniture, or other bulky items. At Junk King, we’ve found over the years that most of our customers have about ten cubic yards of junk or less. Renovation projects or big commercial cleanouts might generate more trash, but the average customer just doesn’t need 20 or 30 cubic yards of space.

The process of renting and using a MINI is straightforward. First, call Junk King and arrange a rental. We’ll let you pick a drop-off date and time. Next, we drop off your MINI dumpster, taking care not to damage your driveway or position the debris box in an unsafe location. You are then free to fill up the MINI dumpster on your own time—or at least until your pre-scheduled pickup time. We will come back to your address, pick up the dumpster, and haul away all your junk.


Best of all, we only charge you for the space you use. Our rates are flexible. If you just fill your MINI dumpster halfway to capacity, we will only charge you half price. If you fill it all the way, you’ll pay the full amount. If you fill the dumpster and still have more junk or debris you need to get rid of, you can just arrange another MINI rental. You don’t have to worry about not filling up that second dumpster, because you won’t pay for the full rental space unless you use it all.

Therein lies one of the big benefits of Junk King—and one of the reasons we help render huge, unwieldy dumpster rentals obsolete. Typically, customers are concerned about renting one that is too small, because if they must rent a second one, they’ll pay as much or more than they would have for a bigger rental. With us, there is no risk of that happening. You pay for only as much space as you need, whether that’s half a MINI dumpster or two full debris boxes and a quarter of a third.

Are You Dealing with a Lot of Heavy Items? Consider our Full-Service Junk Removal Options

Self-service junk removal is easy with flexibly priced rentals from Junk King. If you have a lot of stuff to get rid of, though, or if you are dealing with lots of furniture or other bulky items, you might prefer to go a different route. In addition to Junk King’s MINI dumpster rentals, we also have a full-service junk removal option. With this service, we send a team and a big truck to your home or business and clear out your stuff for you. From appliances to couches to construction debris, we can collect your stuff and haul it away with minimal hassle to you. Plus, you won’t even have to spare a thought about dumpster size!

If you are thinking about trash dumpster rentals or full-service junk removal, we hope you will consider Junk King. To learn more about either of these services, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK.

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