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Trash Dumpster Rental Made Easy

Posted by Junk King on Dec 24, 2019 2:00:00 PM



When it comes to major cleaning and junk hauling, some things are difficult and time consuming. But trash dumpster rental doesn’t have to be.

As a homeowner or businessperson, you may find yourself looking at having to rent a trash dumpster on occasion. And if you’ve experienced a typical commercial dumpster rental firm, you know it can be complicated. 

Making Trash Dumpster Rental Difficult

Some companies only work primarily with contractors and others who use trash dumpsters on large scale projects. Others provide smaller dumpsters, but are accustomed to renting them out in large numbers. There aren’t many who deal with a homeowner or small business owners and managers who only need a dumpster once in a blue moon.

And they don’t need a large one.

Consequently, the rental process can be unnecessarily difficult, especially for a homeowner with no previous experience renting a trash dumpster. 

For example, as a homeowner, you may wonder what size dumpsters are there anyway? Other trade terms for these containers are “debris boxes” and “roll off dumpsters.” The latter term comes from the fact that these dumpsters are designed to be delivered and taken away on a special truck. They “roll off” when delivered to a site and are rolled back on with a wench when picked up.

These are not to be confused with the other common types of trash dumpsters used for garbage and recycling at businesses, schools, industrial parks and apartment complexes.

One of the most common are front-loader receptacles that have slots on each side that the garbage truck slides its front spikes into. Once the spikes are inserted securely, the dumpster is lifted over the truck and emptied into the top of the rear garbage container. These units range from two to eight cubic yards.


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There are four common sizes of roll off dumpsters and they are measured in capacity, or volume, normally in terms of cubic yards.

The four typical types are:

Size                                 Dimensions                                                      Volume

10 yard dumpster  /  12 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 3.5 ft. high  / 10 cubic yards

20 yard dumpster  /  22 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 4 ft. high  /     20 cubic yards

30 yard dumpster  /  22 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 6 ft. high  /     30 cubic yards

40 yard dumpster  /  22 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 8 ft. high  /     40 cubic yards


However, to make things just a bit more… well, difficult, the fact is that there are not standardized trash dumpster dimensions and they can differ with each company.

Most people, especially homeowners who have not worked with dumpsters, typically picture the large, 22 foot long containers when thinking of a roll off dumpster. That’s not surprising, but it is deceptive. This because there are so many varieties and sizes of dumpsters available.

That being said, however, there aren’t that many that easily rented by your average homeowner or residential renter. And when they can find them, the fees are high and the rental process is often complicated.


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Making Trash Dumpster Rental Easy

At Junk King, we have made it our mission to provide our customers with the perfect sized trash dumpster with a simple rental process.

And with a unique roll off dumpster made for “the rest of us!”

Our MINI Dumpster rental features side doors for easy access. This means no lifting or throwing heavy debris over the sides to get it in the dumpster. In fact, it's so accessible that it can be easily loaded by just one adult.

This also means that when you're disposing of yard waste or landscaping debris, for example, there's no need to bag it first. You can simply toss it in loose and load it with whatever you have including:

  • Landscaping debris including soil and sod
  • Brush, tree limbs, branches
  • Lumber, fencing and even outdoor furniture
  • And any other yard waste, debris, or unwanted junk!

The Junk King MINI Dumpster has a 12-yard capacity that is the perfect size to hold all the waste from just about any yard clean-up or renovation project.

Picture this:

A full-size standard pickup has a bed that, when loaded level full, holds 2.5 cubic yards of material. That means our MINI Dumpster can handle the equivalent of five pickup truck loads of trash and debris!

In addition, because of its size and construction, our team can place the dumpster almost anywhere you want it and without damaging your sidewalk or driveway. It’s a driveway-safe dumpster made with residential use in mind.


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Trash Dumpster Rental With You In Mind

We keep things simple and offer fair, upfront pricing and guaranteed on time drop-off and pick-up. Most other dumpster rental companies have flat pricing. This means that you have to pay full price even if you don’t fill up the entire dumpster. Not with Junk King! We let you pay only for the space you use.

Once you’ve booked your trash dumpster rental, Junk King simply drops it off and you fill it up. And, when you’re ready, Junk King will come to haul off the trash and send it to the appropriate compost, recycling, donation, or safe disposal destination.

The advantages of a Junk King MINI Dumpster rental:

  • Pay ONLY for the space you use! 
  • Guaranteed drop off times. 
  • Keep the MINI as long as you need.
  • Fill it with just about anything except hazardous materials.

Whether you are renovating your home or preparing for the spring, we can provide you with the tools they need to get rid of unwanted junk.  Our MINI Dumpsters can let you do it yourself or, if you prefer, our professional and friendly crew can come out and do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Either way, we have the best solution for you.

Ready to get rid of that junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. You make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


Click Here To Book A MINI Dumpster Today!

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