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Junk Removal And Mini-Dumpster Rental Services

Posted by Junk King on Aug 18, 2016 10:00:15 PM

Junk removal is almost always a dreaded chore and, while dumpster rental services can make it easier, there are still drawbacks. But not any more.

Dumpster rentals may seem like a good idea for your construction or home remodeling project. However, traditional full-sized dumpsters can come with a number of problems.

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5 reasons to outsource junk removal

Posted by barbara on May 1, 2015 11:51:43 AM

While there are a lot of things related to home improvement that you can do yourself (and might even enjoy doing), junk removal is probably not one of them. It’s labor intensive, tedious, and at the end of the project you don’t produce anything new. Nevertheless, that pile of clutter continues to build up and over time it becomes a necessity to get rid of it.

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What's in a Junk Removal Blog?

Posted by Junk King on Aug 27, 2010 2:39:40 PM

Many people out there might ask themselves: "What in the world is a Junk Removal Blog? What could possibly be so interesting in the business of junk removal that would require a blog all about it?" Although those questions are often asked, there is actually quite a bit of interesting news in the junk hauling sector nowadays, particularly for the Junk King organization.

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