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Tips For Spring Cleaning

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Mar 17, 2020 5:21:23 PM


1. Pick Your Cleaning Battles

There are a variety of ways to approach the tasks involved with Spring Cleaning. There’s the “Give It A Quick Dusting” Method, which involves a minimal wipe down of all surfaces and, possibly, washing the floor. There’s the “Marie Kondo” Method, in which any physical object that does not give the cleaner joy gets removed, although this method sometimes involves the removal of the cleaning tools. And there’s the labor-intensive “Deep Cleaning” Method, wherein everything gets cleaned, no matter how small.

Whatever method one chooses, it’s important not to stress

s about it. Spring cleaning should be about getting organized and refreshed, so pick the method that works best for you. And don’t worry about getting everything done in one day, either; if you feel a deep clean is needed, space it out over whatever time frame works best for you.

2. Ventilation Is Your Friend

Sooner or later, cleaning a house or apartment will involve some cleaning chemicals. Sure, you might be able to avoid it for a while by focusing on laundry and sweeping but depending on the level of clean you’re going for, eventually you’ll have to put down the Windex and break out some bleach or industrial scrub solution.

When using any cleaning solutions, always remember to keep a flow of air going, especially if you’re cleaning in an enclosed space like a small bathroom or a closet. If the weather allows, crack open a window while you’re scrubbing so the fumes have someplace to go. If the weather hasn’t warmed up enough, keep a fan going to circulate air and be sure to step away if you start feeling lightheaded.

The same rule applies for any part of your home where air circulation might be hampered, including attics, basements, and garages with the door closed.

3. Get Some Reliable Footwear

Sometimes, the act of Spring Cleaning will require the moving, scooting, lifting, or general rearrangement of something big and bulky.

It should be noted here that “big and bulky” does not just mean furniture or appliances, although those might need to be moved for vacuuming and dusting. No, “big and bulky” can also apply to smaller objects such as vases and large flower pots.

But no matter what item you’ve got to move, rearrange, and shove aside, always remember to have reliable footwear on when you’re doing the moving. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to be wearing steel-toed work boots; just pick something that has good grip and offers more protection than a sandal or garden shoes.

4. Get Some Background Noise Going

Music makes everything better, even with tedious activities like washing the floorboards or knocking away cobwebs. Blare some music while you’re working, and you may find those irritating tasks become a little less unbearable.

If you’re not feeling the music, try putting on an audiobook, podcast, or maybe an old move you’ve seen hundreds of times. People run marathons while listening to audiobooks, so why not try one while you’re working?

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