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Time For Back-To-School Decluttering

Posted by Junk King on Sep 3, 2020 7:02:58 PM



Back-to-school this year means "distance learning" and school-at-home. And that can mean a lot of cleaning up and decluttering spaces to make room.

It's probably not a stretch to say that most parents of children who are having to stay home and participate in distance learning were not really prepared. 


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Before Turning a Home Space Into a Classroom

There's far more to this than simply hooking up a laptop and downloading some video apps. In fact, unless you've already had some previous experience homeschooling your kids, this whole enterprise can be a bit overwhelming.

While we can't offer any help around setting up your child's computer or complying with their school's distance learning protocols and requirements, we can provide some tips on clearing up a suitable space.

A previous blog post addressed the need to set up a suitable space for in the home for distance learning. Now, let's back up a bit and talk about decluttering that space beforehand.

If your home is like most, things have a tendency to pile up here and there. Before you know it, you've got things scattered all over the house and under things, and so on. Cleaning up often ends up in simply rearranging piles, but the clutter remains.

With your kids having to stay home this school year and needing a clean, organized space to work and learn in - and one that's not distracting with the usual clutter - decluttering and cleaning is the order of the day!


the do you really need it checklist


Back-To-School Decluttering Tips

The problem with clutter is that it is inherently disorganized and that makes it overwhelming at times. 

Where do you start?

What do you do with it?

Should you throw it all out?

What should you keep?

To help you get started on this essential project we've put together this handy checklist for your back-to-school decluttering:


Back 2 School

Having a strategy for your decluttering project is the best way to get through it an efficient manner. 

  • When choosing a room for your "distance learning" students, choose a space that they are going to be comfortable in. The attic, basement, and even the garage are probably NOT going to be comfortable spaces! Once you settle on a space, that should be the focus of your initial decluttering efforts.
  • Because your kids are "at home" while trying to learn, distractions are probably going to be a big issue for them. Try to strike a balance between creating a decluttered spaced and one that is also inviting and not too sterile. 
  • One way to achieve that objective is to have "a place for everything, and everything in it's place." In other words, shelving, cubbies, bookcases, baskets, etc. for storing and organizing everything that is needed for distance learning. This should extend to each child's books, binders, papers, etc.
  • In the course of your focused and strategic decluttering, you will likely set aside a large number of toys, games, puzzles, and other playthings. This is a great time to ask the question, "Do I really need to keep all this?"  While part of you may resist getting rid of many of these, keep in mind that your kids are not likely to miss most of them and they can always be given a new home. 

While we did mention homeschooling at the start of this article, we recognize that distance learning isn't actually homeschooling. That being said, because it having school at home, we also recognize that many of the tips, tricks, and resources used by homeschooling parents can be very helpful for parents of distance learning students.

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