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The Coming Wave Of Foreclosure Cleanouts

Posted by Junk King on Feb 18, 2022 5:00:00 AM



While no one can accurately predict the future, some things seem fairly certain, such as the jump in foreclosures and foreclosure cleanouts coming soon.

At least, it seems certain to several experts in the financial industry. And more vacated homes due to foreclosure will mean more house cleanouts that will need to be done. So, how do you manage that?

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The Possible Makings of a 'Perfect Storm' of Financial Distress

No one in business wants to be a "prophet of doom" or appear to be fear-mongering, but the fact is that economic cycles and trends do occur. And, according to more than a few economists and financial experts, the United States is likely heading into a downturn. 

And, more specifically, there are predictions of a wave of bankruptcies and foreclosures coming.

For example, according to a recent piece from MSN Money, a financial attorney writing for Kiplinger noted that,

"It is my view that when the bank regulators change their position with respect to their treatment of defaulted loans, an anticipated tsunami of real estate foreclosures and bankruptcies will be upon us."

The author explained that since the start of the pandemic, banking regulators have not been pressuring banks to take action on defaulted loans. This has led to banks having misleading financial statements and, by allowing the banking system to misrepresent the value of its loan assets, it impacts the credibility and stability of the banking system.

In addition, rising interest rates and continued economic uncertainty is likely to lead to more defaulted loans and, in many cases, bankruptcies and foreclosures - both residential and on commercial properties.

Which, ultimately, means more foreclosure cleanouts will be needed. 

And that's where Junk King can help.

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Not All Bad News

A quick Google search of the phrase "state of the economy 2022" brings up story after story of positive outlooks and guarded optimism in the face of growing uncertainties. The general idea or consensus, however, seems to be that things are still looking rosy.

In addition, the vast majority of financial and housing industry prognosticators seem to believe that the housing market - at least for 2022 - will continue to be strong and average home prices will continue to rise. While it may not be as frenetic as 2021's housing market was, experts seem to feel that prices will go up.

But so is inflation and - quite probably - interest rates. 

In addition, there is still a mounting number of older defaults and unpaid rent issues that are just now coming to the forefront of legal processing. An effort to keep people from being evicted or foreclosed on during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic has ended and landlords, banks, and mortgage holders are left holding the bag.

And it is quite likely that we'll see a spike of tenants and homeowners being forced out of their properties due to unpaid leases and mortgages. 

This, in turn, will lead to a growing need for property and foreclosure cleanouts.

Which is where Junk King can help!


A Foreclosure Cleanout Can Be Easy

Because short sales and foreclosure transactions tend to be complex and prone to sudden deadlines, foreclosure cleanouts of vacated properties often need to be done quickly.

Oftentimes, foreclosed properties will require a great deal of work before they can be put on the market.  In addition, there is likely to be junk that has to get hauled away. And, while you might attempt to take care of this work yourself, that's almost never a great idea for landlords, property managers, or real estate professionals. 

Why is that?

Because in many cases, there can be excessively large junk items, huge amounts of trash, and even old furniture or household goods left behind in the property. In other words, junk that requires a team of professional junk haulers. 

And not only that, but once you factor in your own time and labor, you'll likely find that hiring a crew and outsourcing the work to a reliable and professional company is far more cost effective. Not to mention easier for you and a much better use of your time.

You can think of it like this: Every hour you spend hauling trash and debris yourself is an hour you are not doing something productive that you get paid to do! 

The bottom line when it comes to residential or commercial property cleanouts is that a  reliable, professional foreclosure cleanout crew can get the job done quicker, better and for less money.

Which is why you should call in a reliable firm like Junk King.

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Junk King: The Best Junk Hauling Pros For Your Foreclosure Cleanout

Junk King is the leading junk removal service in North America and our real estate junk removal services take care of the foreclosure cleanout process for you - quickly and easily.

We understand that as a real estate professional you need your properties to be pristine and you want to be able to list them as quickly as you can. 

Junk King offers fast and friendly junk hauling with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices. We recycle or donate 60 percent or more of all the junk we collect, and that includes trash debris, furniture, appliances, and even clothing and personal items. Real estate professionals can proudly call Junk King their "green" partner for real estate junk removal.

We are insured and offer post-escrow payment. Junk King handles junk removal services for real estate professionals across the U.S. and we are the highest rated service brand in the nation. You can depend on Junk King for speed, reliability and for the peace of mind that comes with getting your property ready fast.

Our professional and insured junk disposal team will call 15 minutes before we arrive on site. We’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your items take up in our truck. You just point and we haul your junk items into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

Ready to have us tackle that foreclosure cleanout? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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