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Thanksgiving, Turkey, And Time With Family And Friends

Posted by Junk King on Nov 24, 2020 5:00:00 AM



Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and to give thanks. But it's also a time to enjoy family and friends. 

Whether you make it an intimate affair with just a few guests, something that many people are likely to do this year, or something more grand, it is a time to enjoy good company and to reflect.

With a year like 2020 has been, some might find it a bit challenging to think of things that they are truly thankful for. However, for most people, the things that matter most are not things, but our family, friends, and closest loved ones. It's the relationships, the friendships, and the fellowship that makes life fuller and meaningful.


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Taking Time to Give Thanks and Be Thankful

Life has been a bit of a roller coaster for many people this year. With COVID-19, economic stress and upheaval, political and social unrest and uncivility, many are just wanting to be over it. 

One way to approach the holiday season is to view it as a welcome transition into a new year and, hopefully, new opportunities and a renewal of some level of normalcy. And, during the holidays - Thanksgiving especially - we can pause and simply be grateful of and express thankfulness for what we still have and enjoy.

As an authentically American tradition, Thanksgiving has the place of honor of being not only one of our few native holidays, but also one that is as old as our country. 

While there are academic debates on some of the details of the first Thanksgiving, what is both known and indisputable is that in November of 1621, the Pilgrims settled in Plymouth Colony had a three day feast and celebration of the bounty of crops and game they had at that time. There were more native neighbors attending than Pilgrims and there was much thanks being given.

And this tradition continued more or less unabated until it was finally decreed a national and public holiday. This, too, was a bit of a process. 

In 1789, President George Washington, the first president to proclaim a Thanksgiving holiday,  established Thursday, November 26, as a day of national thanksgiving. Then, in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to officially fall on the last Thursday of November, and the modern holiday was celebrated nationally.

Finally, on November 26, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill officially establishing the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.

And this year we will be celebrating 399 years of giving thanks as a nation.



"The First Thanksgiving, 1621," by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris. (Public domain)

When It's Time To Clean Up - Before or After 

If you have the privilege of hosting a Thanksgiving get-together this year, one of the things you'll likely be doing beforehand is cleaning up. And afterwards!

For some, this might only entail a normal housecleaning day with maybe some extra picking up and straightening things. For others, however, this may require some "deep cleaning" and major amounts of not only "picking up" but also "tossing out."

At Junk King, one of the things we are always thankful for is the opportunity to serve our local friends and neighbors with our number one rated junk removal service. And the start of the holiday season is a great time to go through all your "stuff" to finally get rid of your unwanted household items, broken and unusable furniture or appliances, and anything else that needs to be removed and disposed of. 


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While pretty much any time of year is a good time to declutter your living space and go through  everything to separate out the junk, fall is actually a perfect time.

In the fall, for most locations anyway, the weather is still reasonable, and there is still enough daylight since the days haven't gotten too short yet. Besides, getting it all done before winter sets in can be gratifying and refreshing.

And, going into the holidays and than beginning the New Year with a clean, decluttered, and junk-free home (and life!) can put everything in a new and positive light.

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Your Professional and Local Team for Safe and Courteous Junk Hauling

Junk King is nationally recognized and locally owned. And we offer touchless, safe and eco-friendly junk removal services so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of those old items.

Doing some extra cleaning up for the Thanksgiving holiday? We can help!

Call us in to quickly and efficiently remove all your junk items and materials. And we even make sure that your junk ends up at a charity for your items that are still useable, or a recycling facility for those that aren't. It's our mission to ensure that all your junk items are disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Junk King is committed to continue leading the way in safe and touchless junk hauling, and in keeping our planet clean, green and beautiful for generations to come.

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You can make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

Our professional junk removal team will call 15 minutes before we arrive at home. Once we are on-site and we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much space your junk takes up in our truck. You point and we haul those items into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.


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