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Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Mar 23, 2019 8:41:59 AM



Yes, spring cleaning generally means the whole house can be cleansed, but rushing into the job without a plan can be a big mistake.

Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Have a Plan

Consider the size of the house/apartment/condo/man cave first and think about exactly what you want to clean. Are there cobwebs in the ceiling? Do the closets have to be emptied? Does the area behind the fridge need to be wiped down?

Even if the answer to all these questions is yes, the next question should be whether you’re really PREPARED to do it and HOW/WHEN it can be done (it’s probably better to get the cobwebs down before cleaning the fridge, for example). Plan your cleaning before you start.

2. Start at the Top

Pretty basic logic for this one. If you’re going to wipe down the kitchen counter, get the stuff off the ceiling first or you’ll end up wiping down the counter twice. Scrubbing the bathtub? Clean the walls first so any dirt and grime doesn’t fall into your already-cleaned tub. Sweeping the leaves off the patio? Maybe cut off that low-hanging branch first. Clean smarter.

3. Use the Tough Stuff

Despite what you may have heard, window cleaner is NOT an all-purpose cleaner. Think we’re wrong? Try using it to clean a dirty toilet. On the inside. After a weekend party. Ugh.

Some jobs require certain cleaners, which means if you’re going to clean things with mildew and lime deposits, you’re going to need something stronger than soap and water.

4. This Isn’t a One-Rag Job

Speaking of cleaners, it doesn’t matter how strong the cleaner will be if you don’t have enough cloths and rags to wipe away the residue. Cleaning a house potentially means encounter layers of dust, dirt, and grime in multiple areas that have been left undisturbed for long periods of time. In other words, it’s going to be everywhere.

There’s a health consideration with using multiple rags, too; one rag will most definitely spread germs throughout the house. Switch out rags like a diva at an awards show; a new one for every room.

5. Air It Out

One of the joys of spring weather includes the (hopeful) return of weather fine enough for the dwelling to be opened. A cool day with the scents of spring? We’ll open the window for that.

We’ll also open the windows because the cleaning fumes can be nasty, especially if you just got done cleaning anything with bleach. Granted, if you own a gas mask or scuba equipment, you don’t have to open the windows while cleaning. For everybody else, let the clean air counteract the toxic stuff.

Also, cranking up the air conditioning doesn’t count as “getting fresh air.” It’s actually just blowing the fumes around the room at a more comfortable temperature. So quit doing it.

6. Attend the Bag

Vacuuming? Empty the bag. Got a pet that sheds? Empty the bag. Haven’t vacuumed since last year’s spring cleaning? Empty the bag. Vacuumed last week? Awesome. Empty the bag.

There are two reasons for this. A full vacuum bag can make for an ineffective vacuum, and any dust mites or insects (go buy some ant and roach traps, too!) won’t necessarily die when getting vacuumed. Gross, right? We think so too. Now empty the bag.

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