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Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Feb 15, 2021 12:02:46 PM



As the Center for Disease Control continues to monitor the pandemic, please look as this fun list of social distancing dos and don’ts for early 2021.

DO stay home, especially if you’re feeling ill in any way. Isolation continues to be one of the best preventative measures available.

DON’T panic while you’re at home. That means no doomscrolling on social media, watching too much cable news, or hoarding all the toilet paper you can purchase online.

DO practice hygiene. Wash your hands, wipe down the counters, and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The running joke of 2020 was that everyone was sitting on the couch in their pajamas and binge watching television shows. Don’t let that be your 2021 experience, and don’t forget to hit pause and take a shower.

DON’T leave the curtains open when you come out of the shower. The neighbors could still be home too, and some of them have nosy personalities and binoculars.

DO wear a facemask when out in public.

DON’T start an argument with the employees of any business that requires a mask before entering. Doesn’t matter if it’s a local government mandate or a choice by the business owner; honor the request or go someplace else.

DO remember to switch out facemasks. Think of a mask the same way you would about underwear and wash it regularly.

DON’T let your nose poke over your mask. At this point, not understanding how masks work is like not understanding the red traffic light means STOP. Nose and mouth get covered, or it’s just an ineffective gag.

DO travel if you need to and you can do so safely. Ideally, this would mean driving, but given the location of a given destination, that might be impossible.

DON’T be in such a rush to take that big vacation trip just yet. Sure, the airline tickets might be cheap, but do you really want to take a vacation in Las Vegas right now when the live shows might be on hold and the lack of people detract from the overall experience? Also, international travel continues to be on hold for the moment, so no European walking tours for now.

DO maintain the six-foot rule whenever possible, and don’t crowd into elevators. Most businesses have been good about following that rule, even in traditionally crowded places like airport terminals or theme park lines.

DON’T try to play hopscotch with those six-foot placement markers on the floor. Doesn’t matter if you were a state champion long jumper in high school. That’s just asking for an injury.

DO get some exercise. It’s no coincidence that bicycles and fitness equipment became hard to find when everything shut down last year. Granted, outdoor exercise may be problematic depending on where you live (like everyplace that can get snow through April), so invest in a jump rope and find some online fitness classes.

DON’T protest the neighborhood gym being shut down by angrily doing pushups in front of a government building. That’s like complaining about firework safety while juggling dynamite.

DO continue to be engaged with the community. Or, start getting engaged in the community. While the isolation that came with the pandemic dramatically altered how we interact with one another, the people that make a community remain. So get back in, or initiate, contact with those people who live, work, and play in your area.

DON’T forget to have pants on during a virtual meeting. Because you never know if you’ll need to stand up.

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