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Scrap Metal Recycling: A Different Kind Of Heavy Metal

Posted by Junk King on Sep 22, 2021 9:00:00 AM



Sometimes your junk removal means getting rid of large metal items. And sometimes these items are too large or too heavy to load and dispose of yourself. No worries!

Whether that means old engine blocks, household appliances that no longer work, or piles of scrap iron, removal and disposal can be a challenge.

Learn about the importance of recycling.

Is It Bigger Than a Bread Box?

Apparently, way back in the day, that was a common expression of comparison when trying to determine how large or small something was. But who today even knows what a "bread box" is anymore?

So, maybe we should ask, "Is it bigger than a large microwave oven?"

That's probably a more useful visual for most of us these days. And, if your scrap metal junk items really are bigger than a microwave, then you probably aren't to keen on hauling them anywhere by yourself. 

We get it.

Anyone who has tried to muscle a clothes washer or dryer out of a laundry room, or down from a truck bed, understands how difficult and even dangerous moving some large metal items can be. A large capacity washing machine can weigh almost 230 pounds, for example.

And if you are the lucky owner of a few old engine blocks, you probably don't even want to think about hauling those anywhere!

Often, however, it's not so much the size of the individual items, but the total quantity that makes up for a large scrap metal load. 

Unfortunately, this often means that large amounts of scrap metal junk stays inside garages, sheds, and backyards or on the side of loading docks and parking areas. No one wants to move them. But that's truly unfortunate because almost every metal is 100 percent recyclable

That includes pretty much anything made out of the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Tin

There are some rare materials that are not recyclable and these include mercury, uranium, and plutonium. But if you have some of those last two, you probably have other problems to worry about beside recycling!

e-waste recycling

But I Only Have a Few Boxes of Cans and Stuff!

We understand that not all scrap metal is going to be large, or heavy, or even difficult for you to haul yourself. And we know that many people might prefer to take a more DIY approach to metal recycling. 


That's why we put together this handy checklist for metal recycling to help you along the way should decide to take the "self-service" scrap metal recycling route:




For the rest of us who either don't have the time, interest, or suitable vehicles for hauling old engine blocks, copper tubing, or broken-down clothes dryers, there is always the full-service option.

Calling Junk King means having someone else do the work of picking up and removing all your scrap metal junk items. And we'll haul it all to a local recycling facility so that all your scrap metal junk can be turned into new materials with environmentally friendly processes.

Regardless of the type, weight, or size of your scrap metal junk, metal recycling is possible for just about any material, including:

  • Iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and brass scrap items
  • Steel beams, tubing, pipes, wire, and other metal construction debris
  • Old plumbing fixtures and other metal renovation or remodeling debris
  • Old lawn and garden equipment as well as large, household appliances
  • And just about any other unwanted metal junk!

We will safely carry scrap metal debris off your property and load it into our large, junk removal trucks. From pick-up to hauling to disposal, scrap metal recycling service with Junk King will  relieve you of an otherwise difficult and even dangerous chore.

So, remember: when you need large scrap metal recycling, Junk King will come and pick up any amount and types of metal from your home, business, or construction site.

In fact, pretty much the only thing we don't take is hazardous waste.

appliance removal learn more

Junk King: Your Solution for Scrap Metal Recycling

No need to do it yourself - just make the call and we'll do all the heavy lifting for you!

Junk King will provide you with efficient, safe, and affordable scrap metal pick up so you don’t need to worry about how to dispose of your old, scrap metal items yourself.

We can be at your house or workplace in mere minutes, so call us today! Our team is fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust them to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

One of the best things about hiring Junk King is that, along with scrap metal and metal junk items, we recycle most of the material we pick-up. In fact, we work hard to recycle as much as 60 percent or more of everything we pick up each day, including scrap metal.

This is simply more proof of our commitment to being the premier eco-friendly junk removal service in America.

With Junk King, you only need to point us in the direction of your unwanted junk and scrap metal and our friendly, uniformed staff will take it from there. And we always provide  you with clear and upfront pricing when we arrive - or even before get there!

So, make an appointment and get a free, no-obligation quote before we start.

Call Junk King today at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) or book online!

Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle

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