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Preparing For The Fall

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Sep 9, 2020 3:05:09 PM


Preparing for fall used to mean getting the grill fired up for tailgating, raiding the store for Halloween candy, and getting the heavier clothes into regular wardrobe rotation. To make things simple this year, consider these simple steps.

  1. Prepare for Colder Weather

Right, yes, fall weather does not mean the immediate arrival of 60-degree weather and the deployment of woolen clothing. But with the days growing milder, the fall presents an ideal time to get outside and deal with those chores you’ve been putting off because of the heat.

This can mean doing things like checking for drafts along doors and windows, which should be handled now before the winter weather arrives. Get the lawn cut and bring down any overgrown tree limbs. Clean out those rain gutters. Check the roof for loose or damaged shingles, and clear off any debris that might be up there.

And even though you’ll probably have to do this multiple times throughout the fall, rake the leaves. If you’ve got kids, make them do it.

  1. Decorate

When it comes to holiday decorations, traditional thinking states there is a fine line between acceptable and going overboard. Whether it’s the start of fall or the height of the winter holidays, the judgement of exactly where that line rests tends to be subjective, which is why some people think a few pumpkins and a scarecrow work fine for the fall while others break out the inflatable lawn zombies and project images of dancing skeletons in the front windows.

But here’s the truth: There is no boundary. None. Never was, never will be. Go as big or small as you want, and just show some courtesy to the neighbors.

Keeping that in mind, anyone favoring lots of decorations and lights for Halloween might consider turning off the power after 9 p.m. Also, be aware that smaller yard items might end disappearing, so take steps to secure the display objects.

  1. Organize

The idea of going through any of your belongings and getting rid of stuff you no longer need might not be an option, since you already did that in April when you got tired of binge watching. And if you haven’t organized and cleaned stuff out in the last six months, there’s a good possibility you’re not going to want to do it now.

That’s understandable. With organization, there’s a temptation to think everything has to get done all at once or it won’t get done at all.

Our advice? Start small. Put on some music and clean out the cabinet. Wipe down the bathroom while listening to a comedy performance. Organizing allows for the immediate cleaning and, to an extent, getting a jump start on preparing for the holidays, which will arrive at 12:01 a.m. on November 1.

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