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Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Feb 15, 2021 12:17:34 PM


Fun fact: St. Valentine’s Day started out as a pagan festival until the Pope changed it to honor a saint. This is the only explanation we have as to why a holiday known for romantic gestures takes place in winter.

Seriously, has anyone seen the weather reports lately? It’s cold everywhere except Florida.

In pre-pandemic times, the weather would present minimal challenges for anyone looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic gesture in the month of February. Cold outside? No problem, the restaurant has the heater on. But since it’s winter, and since COVID regulations can make going out difficult, consider these ideas for keeping warm:

  1. Check the Weather

Sometime the best answers can be the easiest. But whether your plans include dinner for two at home or sharing a box of chocolates while skydiving, check the weather first. This will prove an important first step, especially if local pandemic protocols limit the amount of indoor seating at restaurants and bars.

Also, any reputable skydiving organization won’t allow jumps in bad weather. Or eating while in freefall.

  1. Break Out the Wine

Next to the cards, flowers, and balloons, few things can be as symbolic of Valentine’s Day as a bottle of wine.

It’s a versatile one, too, capable of being enjoyed at home or in restaurants. And it can be a big help in staying warm. Red wine in particular helps promote blood flow and contains histamine and tannic acid, both of which can help get a body warm.

So if a snow storm or freezing rain prevents any trips to that fancy restaurant, open a bottle of red and spend some time sipping and snuggling. And speaking of snuggling…

  1. The Snuggle Hustle

Being physically close with a loved one can be a warming experience. And not just emotionally; getting in close with someone can get body temperatures rising in no time.

But close proximity obviously isn’t the only way to stay warm. While snuggling can be fantastic, dancing and moving around can also get the body warmed in no time. So if the weather looks good and the idea of a fancy dinner doesn’t seem very enticing, remember there’s always the option of hike, bike ride, or some other physical activity.

  1. Seal the House

Alright, so you’ve looked at the weather report and, as it turns out, there’s a blizzard about to hit. The good news? You and your Valentine have both made it safely home and you’ve got all the supplies you need for an enjoyable, romantic evening.

The bad news? The house/apartment/cabin still gets cold.

Luckily, steps can be taken. If it’s sunny outside, open the curtains and blinds to let the sunlight in. It’s free heat, so get it while you can. Reverse the direction of a ceiling fan to blow warm air down. Check the windows and doors for tiny cracks or separations in the frame and seal them; that’ll keep the heat in and the cold out as long as nobody opens them. Got wood floors? Place carpets, rugs, or any wool fabrics down to prevent heat escaping there.

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