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Keep Warm Together

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Feb 17, 2023 12:55:48 PM


February means celebrating both Valentine’s Day and the eventual end of winter, which can be odd when the temperatures remain cold enough for snow in many parts of the country.

With that in mind, consider these tips for keeping warm together until March arrives.

DO: Layer Up with Comfy Clothes

Break out those warm, comfy clothes and throw on as many as you need to get warm and cozy.

DON’T: Forget to Use Some Judgment

Will that huge puffy snow jacket keep you warm? Yes. Will everyone else on the couch appreciate having to make space for you in that jacket? Not on a small couch, they won’t.

DO: Light a Fire

If you’ve got a fireplace, throw some logs on and enjoy a roaring fire together in the comfort of your home. Plus, a fire can allow you to toast marshmallows, make s’mores, and generally enjoy a cold evening even more than you might ordinarily.

DON’T: Forget a Fire Extinguisher

Doesn’t matter if it’s water, dirt, or just turning the gas off. Always make sure the fire has been contained and will extinguish itself. And never leave the fire burning if you must leave.

DO: Share a Blanket

Make sure it’s a big one, though. Those individual-sized fleece blankets can be great for individual usage, but if you’re trying to stay warm together, go big.

DON’T: Hog the Blanket

Nobody likes being cold, especially when they’re cold because the other person keeps stealing the covers.

DO: Use the Heater

Heat and air conditioning usage always rely on personal preferences; a temperature one person finds comfortable might be too hot or cold for someone else. Try to find a middle ground where everyone can be comfortable and crank up (or down) the heat accordingly.

DON’T: Ignore the Discomfort of Others

Yes, fine, you’ve got the heater cranked up, but you’ve also got on two sweat jackets, heavy gloves, snow pants, and every pair of clean pair of socks you own. Everybody else in your house, however, has resorted to boxers and tank tops since they’re slowly dying in the heat. Nobody likes being cold, but there’s a horrible irony of being too hot in a home during the dead of winter. Don’t be that person.

DO: Bring Snacks

No matter how you’ve chosen to stay warm, make sure any desired snacks and/or beverages can be easily accessed by everyone in the general vicinity.

For example, if you’re snuggling on the couch, make sure the food can be reached by everyone. While the sides present obvious solutions, consider a spot between two people as another strategy. If you’ve got drinks, maybe keep them off the floor; make sure nobody runs the risk of accidentally knocking them over.

DON’T: Get Greedy With the Food

Share. It doesn’t matter how much you like those Twizzlers. Remember the words that one teacher said to at least one person you know about: if you bring them to class, make sure to bring enough for everyone in class. And don’t stick gum under the couch.

DO: Pause for Breaks

If you’re watching a show and someone needs a break for any reason, pause and then wait for them to get back. It’s common courtesy.

DON’T: Test Us on This

Seriously. That’s not cool.

And for anyone having difficulty making it through the cold winter months, take comfort in the fact that spring will be here shortly. And springtime always starts with St. Patrick’s Day!


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