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How to choose the best junk removal and hauling company

Posted by Junk King on Oct 10, 2016 3:48:53 AM



As a contractor or subtractor, you’re most likely going to end up with a lot of debris after your construction project. As we mentioned in a previous blog, it’s always better to leave it to a professional, even if you feel like you can dispose of it on your own.

A professional will do a more thorough job, and save you time and money. If you’re not sure about what to look out for, here are some tips on how to choose the best junk removal and hauling company:


Choose a company that prides itself on excellent customer service

Have you heard good things about the company? Reviews are readily available these days and you should definitely check them out before making a decision. You should then narrow down your options based on the reputation of the junk removal companies in question. The best case scenario would be to find and hire a junk removal company with a solid reputation and positive reviews.


Pricing is definitely something you need to consider. While it is not always recommended to choose the junk removal company with the cheapest prices, you do want to find one that you can actually afford. If you find one that’s a little bit pricier than others, make sure you’re at least getting value for your money. Never choose a junk removal company solely based on the fact that they have the cheapest rates – their services might be subpar. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Pick a company with green processes

Construction debris accounts for about one third of all waste in America. If you don’t want to contribute to our ever-increasing landfills, you should hire a company with ‘green’ processes. Many junk removal and hauling companies will not only correctly dispose of waste, but also recycle as much material as possible. This means you won’t have to drive to a recycling centre and drop off the waste, as an efficient junk removal and hauling company will do it for you.


When hiring a junk removal and hauling company, always check their experience and professionalism. Is the company bonded and insured? You’ll feel safer and more at ease if you work with an insured professional. Is this company timeous and efficient? Are they using proper equipment? Are they easy to contact? You need to consider all of these factors before making a decision. Ideally, you want to try to find a company with a good amount of experience. That way, you know they’ll do an excellent job in half the time.  


No matter how small your project is, it’s good to check the scope of work the junk removal and hauling company is capable of. With a wider range of services available, you can rest assured that if something unforeseen arises on the job, they’ll be able to handle it. To ensure that you get the most out of your money, make sure the debris removal company you hire covers every aspect of debris hauling. This includes new construction debris removal, remodelling and renovation waste, concrete disposal, and flooring, walls, and roofing.

Do you have a current or upcoming project that will need junk removal services? If so, call Junk King! We encapsulate all of the above values to provide our customers with a remarkable service. Our crew is fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust us to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion. If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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