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Hear From Junk King Owners about Franchising with Junk King

Posted by Junk King on Nov 11, 2022 10:24:24 AM

Our Junk King franchisees take pride in our systems and processes. From customer to franchisee support, to a robust marketing initiative and multiple revenue streams, Junk King owners are speaking out about their satisfaction with Junk King. Check out what our franchisees believe sets us apart from other brands in the service industry:

 Sustainable Franchise Model

Franchisees like George Berry are passionate about Junk King’s sustainable model. He shared that unlike the junk removal process among competitors, Junk King takes a thorough approach so that they can assess what’s recyclable. Separating items as opposed to removing them all at once ensures a process that both franchisees and customers can feel good about.

Similarly, other franchisees like Eric Jones, say that Junk King is unlike its competitors not only because of the larger truck sizes and top-tier customer service, but also because of the sustainability philosophy.

“I enjoy our push on conservation efforts, giving back and recycling” Jones says. “Here at Junk King, we try to recycle as much as we can and up to 60% of what we take is recycled. We do everything we can to either give back, give it a second life, recycle or upcycle.”

Strong Network of Women Owners

On top of a sustainable model, our franchisees also take pride in the widespread female ownership Junk King can boast in a male dominated industry. Hear what the Junk Queens have to say about their ownership stories.

Some owners, like Peggy Lymath, owner of Junk King Gold Country, says that women are innovating in the service industry by diversifying the junk removal process through strong customer service and emotional support.

“It works great for women because women are very good at customer service and they put a different spin on the whole junk removal approach,” Lymath says.

Other franchisees like Kimberly Prica, a Junk King Owner in Palm Beach Florida, feels that women are raising the bar by demonstrating their capacity to be efficient and effective in the service industry.

“Just like I’ve told my daughter, for many years women have been fighting for the same rights – both of my daughters are in the military – so we go out there and we get it done. Can I lift the same thing as a man? No. Am I smart enough to put it on a dolly, take it to the side of a truck and break it down in pieces? Absolutely,” Prica says.

Learn more about franchising with a brand like Junk King that boasts female leadership and a sustainable model!

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