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Halloween Safety Tips

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Oct 16, 2022 6:29:20 PM

Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to the safety of those little trick-or-treaters. Fortunately, there are lots of easy things parents and kids can do to stay safe on the spookiest of holidays. Here is our annual list of Halloween safety tips, presented in a “Do and Don’t” format:

DO: Check Any Treat Bags Before Eating The Goodies

We’re not talking about the individual candy wrappers, although it’s always good to make sure the wrappers don’t have a tear or other signs of tampering. No, we’re referring to the goody bags that have an assortment of stuff like candy, cookies, or other treats. Check the items before letting the kids have them, and throw away anything that doesn’t pass your personal safety test.

DON’T: Steal All The Good Candy From Your Kids

Although it’s perfectly acceptable to claim the Reese’s Cups by declaring “Parent Tax!” before yanking the candy away, don’t overdo it. Nobody likes taxes, and your kids know where you sleep. That goes double for trying to claim the full-size Snickers, you monster.

DO: Respect Distancing

We don’t mean social distancing, although it’s a good idea to respect the wishes of anyone walking the neighborhood in a surgical mask. Respect the personal space of those walking around with you. You don’t have to maintain six feet, of course, but some people might have some personal space issues about crowding near a doorway.

DON’T: Take All The Candy From The “Just Take One Please” Bowl By The Front Door

You know who you are.

DO: Buy Or Make Costumes That Allow For Vision

Anyone that’s ever tried to walk in a straight line while wearing a blindfold can tell you about the importance of vision in a Halloween costume. While most store-bought costumes provided adequate vision, even the mass-produced items can severely limit a child’s ability to see. And since you plan on roaming a neighborhood or trunk or treat parking lot at night, the need to see remains a big factor.

Don’t rely on having an adult on hand to act as a guide dog for the child, either. Make sure they can see.

DON’T: Blindside Tackle Someone In A Bulky Costume

Doesn’t matter how happy you are to see your friend; the worst hits tend to be the ones you don’t see coming, and some costumes will make that a reality for many people. Also, no tackling on Halloween in general; you might accidentally get stabbed with a plastic sword or something.

DO: Go With A Group

Like most major holidays, Halloween works best as a social event. Get a group together to wander the neighborhood or stay home and pass out candy.

DON’T: Decorate Someone’s House in Toilet Paper

Is this still a thing? Was it ever a thing? Come on, now. It’s clichéd, it’s unoriginal, and it’s not fun to clean up. Also, toilet paper was on everyone’s holiday wish list in 2020, so why waste it on a dumb prank?

DO: Have Fun

As the first of the three big end-of-the-year holidays, Halloween generally enjoys a reputation of being stress-free and fun. So go have fun; we all know Thanksgiving and Christmas both start on November 1, anyway.

DON’T: Forget To Clean Up After Your Pet

Basic courtesy, people. Lot of folks walking around on Halloween night, so let’s keep the shoes clean and the fun going.

With this safety list, you are now ready to tackle one of the biggest (and funnest) nights of the year! 


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