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Great Backyard Games For Summer Fun

Posted by Junk King on May 16, 2022 5:00:00 AM



A spring home cleanup can also mean cleaning your backyard so you can have a great place for summer fun, feasting, and family get-togethers with friends.

And once everything's clean and cleared out, you can add some great backyard games to add to your summer fun.

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Summer is Just Around the Corner So Let the Games Begin!

Your backyard has great potential.

With new outdoor features like a firepit, barbeque, and LED lighting fixtures throughout, you'll be ready for endless evenings of summer night festivities with friends and family.

And, after all the yard waste has been removed and the lawn is manicured and lush, backyard lawn games will be fixture all during the summer and early fall.

So, what are some great backyard games for summer fun?

Well, we've done some digging and found that, among the dozens and dozens of games and backyard activities available, there are a handful of lawn games that stand out for great summer fun.

In addition to the familiar classics like lawn darts, backyard badminton, and simply playing with the hose and squirt guns, we've discovered that there are other lawn games that are considered by many "experts" as the best lawn games to play for outdoor fun.


Some Great Backyard Lawn Games for Summer Fun

So, what makes for a really great lawn game? 

According to an article at The Spruce, Gordon Buchanan, founder of Triangle Lawn Games, was quoted as saying,

"When choosing a lawn game, the major factors are going to be age of players, size, and portability."

And we would add that simplicity and inclusion are important qualities to consider, as well.


First off, we like the ease of play and the fun of this popular game, BucketBall™. Played like the favorite party game called beer pong but on a larger scale, BucketBall™ is a great Yard Pong game for all ages.

The BucketBall™ "court" is set up with six buckets on each end and each player on a team throws once, trying to throw a ball into the other team’s buckets. If a ball goes into a bucket, then the bucket is removed.

Himal Collapsible Cornhole Game

Of course, a great lawn game is one that almost anyone of any age can play. And the now classic cornhole game is firmly in that category. However, quality cornhole game boards are expensive and heavy. Setting them up and putting them away can be difficult.

But not with this option!

This collapsible and portable, fabric cornhole game from Himal can be assembled quickly by "flicking and sticking" the folding supports to create 3' x 2' cornhole boards. The set can also be stored very easily and, when packed, has a small footprint and meets the needs of portable travel.

Mark & Graham Lawn Bowling Set

Lawn bowling is a bit more posh than, say, lawn darts, and has a certain appeal to those who may consider themselves somewhat "bougie" lawn game aficionados.

And the Mark & Graham Lawn Bowling set certainly fits that category.

As described by one trusted source,

"For a stylish lawn game that the whole family can enjoy, opt for a minimalistic bowling set designed for grass. The game works the same as traditional bowling but with four smaller bowling balls to knock over the 10 pins. Best of all, this set comes in a handsome canvas carrying case that can be monogrammed, making this a perfect gift for outdoor lovers."

Jenga® GIANT™ Hardwood Blocks

Of course, anyone who is a fan of Jenga® knows the excitement and tension that is part of one of the world's most popular indoor, tabletop games. But now you can have that same fun but 800 percent bigger with the Jenga® GIANT™ Hardwood Blocks game.

Once it is initially set up, the tower is nearly 22 inches high, and can stack to over 4 feet high during the course of the game. With solid wood blocks that are over 8 times the size of original Jenga blocks you can even stack them over 5 feet high by adding the Jenga® GIANT Genuine Booster Pack that is sold separately.

However, many of us who were kids back in the 60s and early 70s still associate summer fun on the lawn with the venerable Slip ‘N Slide®. 

Today, this 16-foot long strip of lubricant-infused plastic still provides hours of deliciously wet fun and giggles to millions of kids. Originally released by Wham-O® in 1961, the Slip ‘N Slide® gained instant recognition, according to a 50-year anniversary press release, for "turning backyards into magical summer play lands and continues to be passed on from generation to generation."


So, once you've gotten your backyard space clean and ready, you can enjoy a summer full of fun times, great games, and better memories.


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