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Embrace Entrepreneurship with Affordable Franchises

Posted by Junk King on Jul 20, 2022 12:44:41 PM

So many people long to leave behind their 9-5 jobs in favor of entrepreneurship — they just don’t know where to start. That initial leap into business ownership can be daunting as would-be entrepreneurs ask themselves: Where do I start? Can I afford it? And how do I actually run a business?

For a variety of reasons, looking into affordable franchise options is a great place to start. For an experienced businessperson who is just beginning their journey to business ownership, a franchise provides a business opportunity with:

  • Established systems and processes
  • A well-known brand name and pre-existing customer affinity
  • Corporate support that makes business ownership easier, including assistance with training, marketing, business management and more.

These already-established factors make it much easier for someone to become a business owner — and hit the ground running toward owning a successful and profitable location!

In addition to providing an easier access point to business ownership, choosing an affordable franchise over a more expensive option allows franchisees to turn a profit more quickly. Junk King, for example, only requires an initial investment of $88k-$174k. Additional expenses are easy to comprehend and identify — you’ll just need a truck, insurance, a warehouse and equipment, and then you’re headed down the path of franchise success.

And at Junk King, all you need to do to expand your business is add more trucks to your fleet, making it a truly scalable opportunity with plenty of chances to increase profit.

Franchising is simply business ownership made easier. If you’re ready to start your own business and would like to franchise with a low-cost opportunity that has ample built-in support, click here to learn more about becoming a Junk King franchisee. Or, check out our quiz to determine if franchising is a right fit for you.

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