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Dumpster for Rent: Three Reasons to Choose This Alternative

Posted by Junk King on Mar 1, 2018 9:20:48 AM

Is a dumpster for rent the right choice for your next cleanout, renovation, or move? The answer depends on the nature of your project and how you are planning to get it done. However, in most cases, rental dumpsters provide a convenient solution that can make your life easier and provide some relief to your wallet.


 Your Current Cleanout Strategy


Dumpster-for-Rent-Three-Reasons-to-Choose-This-Alternative-Junk-King.pngThink about your current cleanout strategy. What challenges or disadvantages does that strategy entail? If you could change one thing about that strategy, what would it be? Below, we’ve outlined a few potential options—and why they might require an alternative.


  • Strategy #1: Hauling junk to the nearest trash or recycling center yourself, one truck bed at a time.


This option offers one big advantage: it’s cheap. If you want to have your cleanout process be completely DIY, this path is the way to go. Especially if you have a pickup truck or a large SUV, you can probably cram a lot of junk into your vehicle. Bags of garbage; pieces of furniture; old mattresses; unwanted electronics. With the right vehicle, you can haul your junk yourself.

 The problem with this tactic is that it takes time, and probably a lot of it. Unless you live or work very close to a trash or recycling center, you are going to spend a lot of time (and a lot of gas money) traveling back and forth from your business. Simply put, by hauling all your junk on your own, you are leaving yourself with a project that is more work-intensive and more time-consuming than it probably needs to be.


  • Strategy #2: Giving your stuff away to friends or family members, or selling it off via Craigslist or garage sale.

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The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” holds weight in some cases. It could be that most of the “junk” items in your home could easily be reused or repurposed by someone else. Just because you don’t want certain furniture pieces, electronics, toys, appliances, tools, or other items anymore doesn’t mean no one will. Deciding to give away or sell those items keeps them out of landfills, which is good if you are concerned about sustainability. It also means you can put the responsibility for hauling items away on other people, which can save you all those trips to the dump.

 While this strategy looks good on paper, though, it has its drawbacks. Even if you have a successful garage sale, you are going to end up with no takers on at least a few items. Selling your stuff, especially on Craigslist, is a stressful and time-consuming process in and of itself, and might put you face-to-face with some odd characters.

 Giving your stuff to family, meanwhile, might put you in a situation where you’re being asked to hold onto things for a little while, until the people who claimed them can pick them up. Too often, “a little while” turns into months or years. If you’re eager to downsize, you’ll need a quicker way to divest of unwanted belongings. The question is, how can you do it while staying green?


  •  Strategy #3: Hiring a full-service junk removal company to do the work for you.


Why take care of your junk yourself if you can hire someone to do it for you? A full-service junk removal company can send a team of expert junk haulers to your home or business, to carry away anything you don’t want anymore. This option appeals especially to homeowners or business owners who have particularly heavy or cumbersome items they need to ditch. These items are difficult to move, especially without help. It’s also all too easy to put a hole in the drywall or scratch the hardwood when trying to move an old couch or hutch. Professional junk removers have the experience to handle bigger items without damaging your property.

This option sounds pretty perfect, right? If there’s a drawback, it’s price. Full-service junk removal is very convenient and saves you a lot of time, but you pay for those perks. There’s a chance that the extra expense will push this strategy out of your preferred cleanout budget.

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Why a Dumpster for Rent Is the Perfect Alternative?


So why should you consider a dumpster for rent as an alternative to any of the strategies discussed above? Here are three main reasons:


  • It’s convenient and affordable


All three strategies discussed earlier in this article require you to choose between convenience and affordability. Hauling all your junk to the nearest landfill is cheap, but it’s the opposite of convenient. Selling your stuff might net you a profit, but it takes a lot of time and requires you to do too much legwork. Hiring a full-service junk removal takes most of the responsibility out of your hands, but requires you to pay a premium price.

Getting a dumpster for rent is the one cleanout strategy that smartly balances convenience and cost. When you rent a dumpster, it gets delivered to your property and you fill it on your own. Once the bin is full, the rental company comes back and hauls your junk away forever. There is some DIY work involved, but a well-positioned dumpster is easy to fill. The cost, meanwhile, is a fraction of what you’d spend on a full-service junk removal.


  • It keeps you on a schedule


One of the problems with Strategy #1 and Strategy #3, above, is that they both lead all too easily to delayed projects. When you are hauling everything yourself, it takes forever to get the job done. When you are relying on other people to come and haul your stuff away, you have no control over the timeline. When you get a dumpster for rent, it’s way easier to keep yourself on a consolidated schedule. Most bin rentals last three, five, or seven days. Having a deadline is the perfect motivation for a cleanout project, as is having a bin right outside where you can deposit your stuff. If you don’t want your project to stretch on for months or years—and nobody does—then the smartest thing to do is rent a dumpster.


  • It’s more suitable for a wider range of junk

the do you really need it checklist


Hauling your junk to the nearest trash center may or may not be possible, depending on the size of your vehicle and the size of the items you are throwing away. Giving your stuff away only works if you have items that are desirable to other people. Even full-service junk removal doesn’t necessarily make sense for something like a renovation, when you need a place to put torn-out drywall or flooring as you remove it from your home.

When you pick the right dumpster rental company—one that allows you to put just about anything in a bin—you get a service that is more suitable for a wider range of junk. From furniture to construction waste to regular household refuse, you can deposit anything in the bin. The best junk removal companies will even sort your junk for you, pulling out items that can be reused or recycled and making sure they get to the right places.

Cleaning out your house is stressful. Moving your business to a new office location is stressful. Renovating a house—and keeping everything on budget—is stressful. With a dumpster for rent, these projects won’t necessarily be stress-free, but they will be easier, more affordable, and faster. Make a dumpster rental your alternative cleanout strategy today!

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