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COVID Vaccine Tips

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Jan 17, 2021 6:07:11 PM



COVID Vaccine Tips

It’s 2021, and the coronavirus remains one of the biggest concerns of day-to-day life in the world.

The good news? There’s a vaccine. The bad news? There’s a lot of confusion about that vaccine. How does one get it? Should they get it? Which vaccine would be the best? How long after you get it can you start returning to way things were before the pandemic.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to monitor and adapt to the constantly-changing rules with how to handle COVID-19, the information as of January 2021 continues to include wearing a mask, socially distance, and to avoid large crowds.

And when it comes to the vaccine, the best information falls into three categories.

  1. Before You Go

First of all, find out if/how the vaccine can be accessed in your area. As of January 2021, supplies and distribution have been handled by state/local governments and businesses operating within a given area, like drugstores and medical offices. That means the rules can vary from place to place, and certain segments of the local population may be given preference, such as front-line health workers, school teachers, and anyone over the age of 65.

When the vaccine becomes available in your area, find out where they can be accessed and what type of the vaccine will be available. The vaccines come from different companies, which means they will be a little different in composition. All of that information should be available with the organization offering the vaccines. Check with your doctor about any concerns you might have.

Finally, if you decide to get the vaccine, remember to keep a mask on and stay six feet away from others, especially if there’s a line. And make sure any healthcare workers or aids also have masks on and respect the social distancing rules.

  1. Vaccine Day (There Will Be Two Of Them)

When you arrive at the vaccine distribution area, the workers should provide some kind of information detailing three things: the date, the location, and the type of vaccine that you will receive. The information should be provided on a card or printout. This will be important, as you will have to return to the same location to get the second dose of the vaccine.

Additionally, information about the specific COVID-19 vaccine being offered should be supplied, either on paper or sent by e-mail. Be sure to review it and confirm the vaccine being offered was the one you’ve researched and cleared with your doctor. The information should address the risks and benefits of the vaccine, and the on-site staff should be able to clarify basic questions.

Anyone who receives the vaccine should also be monitored by the on-site staff and contact information should be made available in case of problems such as severe allergic reactions to the vaccine.

  1. What To Do After

As of January 2021, most vaccines require two doses. Make plans to receive the second dose immediately and get it when the time comes. It may be tempting to skip the second dose, especially if you experience any side effects. But unless your doctor or the vaccine provider says otherwise, go back and get the second shot.

Finally, be patient with the vaccine. Don’t rush out back into public without a mask for a few weeks after the second shot. And if you decide getting a vaccine right now isn’t for you, keep the mask on.

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