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Bet Your Dad Doesn't Have These BBQ Tools

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Jun 15, 2018 10:01:30 AM


The month of June means the official start of summer and an assortment of commemorative days, from National Doughnut Day to the recognition of the Normandy Invasion on June 6. But it’s also the month of Father’s Day, and Junk King always likes to take time to recognize the importance of dads.

Father’s Day also usually means having to get dad a gift, which can be stressful to anyone wanting to do something special. Fortunately, most of the standard Father’s Day gifts work just fine, and to prove it, we’ve compiled a list of ten common but still appreciated Father’s Day Gifts.

  1. BBQ Gear

    Generally speaking, anything that gives a dad a chance to light a fire and throw food on top of it will always be appreciated. But if buying a new grill seems a bit out of the price range, there’s always grilling tools for barbequing and maintenance tools to keep the grill dad has running.

    Bonus: Junk King has its own grill tools available now.

  2. Leather Stuff

    Leather. It’s durable, smells good, and can be used for everything from clothing to wallets. But since it’s a good bet dad isn’t going to want a pair of leather pants (it is June, after all), consider any kind of container made of leather, such as briefcases, phone cases, tool belts, and toiletry bags.

    What’s that? Toiletry bags aren’t a dad thing? Keep reading…

  3. Washroom Upgrades

    Dads need to shower. Dads need to shave. Dads need to brush their teeth. That means dads need something to hold all the tools and supplies they require to look clean and presentable. And that’s why toiletry bags make a good Father’s Day gift. But if he’s already got one, there’s also shaving kits, cologne, and even bathroom accessories like aroma candles that smell like sandlewood, sawdust, and whiskey.

  4. Reboot The Classics

    When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, few items spring to mind faster than ties. Ties are a stand-by like flowers are for Mother’s Day. A go-to Father’s Day gift for decades, we’re here to tell you that’s still acceptable. Ties work as a gift to dad, but so do novelty socks and shirts. Hit up a store and find socks for dad’s favorite team or video game characters and pair them with a shirt sporting a vintage album cover.

  5. Cups Runneth Over

    The odds look good that dad likes to drink something, be it water, coffee, or a good bourbon. And seeing how it’s socially unacceptable to drink anything straight from the bottle, a container of some kind, whether it be tumblers, coffee mugs, or those stainless steel cups that can go anywhere and hold just about anything, can do wonders for dad to enjoy a selection of beverages.

  6. Accessory Add-Ons

    So dad already has nice shoes, a collection of ties, and maybe even a set of shiny cufflinks. Running out of ideas? When in doubt, fall back on tools. Specifically, tools to maintain those accessories for a while longer can go a long way. Shoe polish kits, phone chargers, even whetstones for sharpening knives. Dads like their toys, but they love tools to keep those toys around longer.

  7. Big Boy Beverages

    Gifts involving alcohol tend to occupy the top shelf of dad gifts, right next to the ties and socks. But shopping for dad in a liquor store doesn’t mean just getting a six pack of his favorite beer. Cocktail kits, tumblers and shirts with the preferred distributor’s name, even a pack of mixed nuts near the checkout counter can be quick and effective Father’s Day offerings.

  8. Extra Comfort

    Who doesn’t enjoy being comfortable? Dads sure due. Throw on a pair of good slippers, put on the comfy robe, climb into the recliner, and you’ve got a comfortable man. But comfort can mean different things to different people, so anything that leads to relaxation will always be welcome. Fishing trips, camping, maybe even a day at the beach; anything that says “Let’s go somewhere and do nothing” will be greatly appreciated.

  9. That’s (Digital) Entertainment

    It used to be that finding something to entertain dad meant, at minimum, a trip to the store to buy a copy of dad’s favorite movie. But since we’re in the 21st century, a more effective method may be a subscription to a premium movie station’s streaming service or a few months’ use of satellite radio. These ideas work great as small gifts, as subscription services usually offer month-to-month pricing deals and can be canceled at any time. You know, just in case dad gets tired of watching HBO on the tablet since he never gets the living room television.

  10. Just Be Quiet

    Last but the best, the most welcome gift to dad on Father’s Day may be the gift of quiet. Not the bad silence when something’s about to break or the kids are about to blow up the kitchen, but the quiet of having an afternoon off. Not too much; just a few hours of no drama, no politics, and no demands to mow the lawn, fix the sink, and find that missing sock in the laundry. That’s always welcome.

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