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Being Smart With Yard Waste Disposal

Posted by Junk King on May 14, 2021 5:00:00 AM



If you love working in the yard, odds are you're going have some yard waste disposal to take care of. But what if it's more than your trash bin can hold?

The good news is there is a smart way to deal with bulk yard waste disposal.

Learn about the importance of recycling.

Outdoor Cleanup and Yard Waste Disposal

In the spring and early summer, many homeowners and others enjoy cleaning up their lawns, gardens, landscaping,  and other outdoor areas. But that also means accumulating piles of organic waste, debris, and other outdoor junk that has to be gotten rid of.

And no one enjoys taking care of that.

When it's a small yard and, consequently, small piles, it will most likely fit into your residential "green" recycling bin for organic waste. However, larger outdoor areas typically mean more yard waste and debris, and the piles become numerous and large. 

In fact, depending on where you live and the size of your property, it's possible to have enough yard waste and debris to fill up the back of a pickup truck.

But, if you don't own one then that's not going to happen.

Instead, it usually means numerous trips to the waste bin each week until the waste management company truck finally takes away the last load. 

There's got to be a smarter way...

yard waste removal guide

Be Smart with Yard Waste Disposal - Have a Plan

An efficient approach to dealing with yard waste disposal and sprucing up your lawn after a harsh winter is to have a plan. Like any project worth doing, yard waste removal goes faster and easier when it's planned out to ensure that things are not overlooked or done haphazardly.

Now, that doesn't mean some long, detailed document or a spreadsheet! Just a simple checklist to guide your efforts, make sure nothing that nothing is left undone, and to help keep you efficient with your time and labor. 

With that in mind we put together this simple checklist for your yard waste removal project:


a simple checklist for yard waste disposal-1


Of course, the final item on this suggested checklist is to call for yard waste removal. Having a professional and reliable firm come and remove all those piles of waste and debris - along with any other household junk you need to get rid of - can make all the difference in the world.

Which is why Junk King specializes in yard waste removal and disposal.

Another great benefit of having Junk King come to take care of your yard waste removal needs is that we are available all year round, not just spring and summer. That's because, as any homeowner with a lawn or some landscaping knows,  spring and summer are not the only times yard cleanup is needed.

Whether it's only a spring and fall approach to major landscape and lawn cleaning, or something you like to do several times during the year, you can depend on Junk King's expert team to be there when it's time to remove and haul away all the junk, waste and debris.

Happy child enjoying on grass field and dreaming

Being Smart with Your Lawn Care

Lawn care doesn't have to be complicated, but it does require a bit more than fertilizing and watering. Food and water are critical, of course, but so is mowing, trimming, and pruning when needed.

But these activities have one thing in common: they produce organic debris and yard waste. 

The good news is that a lot of that organic waste can also be converted into mulch and compost and used as food for your lawn and other plants. In fact, composting is nature's way of recycling and reusing material that would otherwise end up being hauled away.

Another plus to turning your yard waste into mulch and compost is that it helps reduce the amount of yard waste you have to get rid of some other way.

Another benefit of regular lawn and landscaping clean up is that organic debris left lying on your lawn can damage the grass. In addition, loose debris like broken branches and old piles of waste can create a safety hazard. 

In addition, achieving optimum watering requires clean lawns and other outdoor areas that are free of obstructions and clumps of  loose organic matter that can displace the water and block the sunlight. 

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Your Yard Waste Removal and Disposal Service

Yard waste can come in many forms and for many reasons.

  • Did you have some bad winter storms that left huge tree branches all over your yards?
  • Have you started a gardening or landscaping project that’s left dirt and debris everywhere?
  • Do you have a piles of junk and clutter in your yard that you haven’t had time to clean up?

Not to worry! 

Junk King is available to provide efficient, safe, and eco-friendly yard waste removal service so you don’t need to deal with all the pick up and disposal of your yard debris. Our experienced debris removal team will break down and haul off any types of yard waste you have.

And, unlike the backseat of your family car, our junk removal trucks are made to handle all types of dirty yard debris items.

Our professional and insured yard waste removal team will show up at your home (or office!) and we'll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive on site. Once we arrive we'll provide you with a free and no-obligation quote based on how much room your debris takes up in our truck. You just have to point and we haul yard waste into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

Ready to get rid of your yard waste? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865)


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