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5 Reasons Why Military Veterans Make Strong Franchisees

Posted by Junk King on May 26, 2021 7:32:41 PM

Did you know that one in seven franchises in the United States is owned by a military veteran? And, a recent VetFran survey found that 97% of surveyed franchisors say veterans make excellent franchisees. In a nutshell, military veterans traditionally are good franchise owners because of the skills and behaviors they develop during service – they seamlessly transfer over to an entrepreneurial setting.

And, business ownership serves as a sound option for military veterans as they transition back to civilian life. It’s an opportunity that empowers them to re-enter the workforce, use the skills they’ve learned and establish financial independence. Many have found our franchise opportunities here at Junk King as a natural next step. We’re proud to have a significant amount of veteran franchise owners within our system today!

Read on to explore five key reasons why military veterans make strong franchise owners:

They have the ability to effectively lead teams

In business, especially in franchising, it’s important to recognize the value of teamwork. After all, you’re going into business for yourself – not by yourself! It’s no question that military experience requires a strong team mentality, and the ability to motivate yourself and others. Throughout their service, veterans build strong leadership skills and a thorough understanding of teams. They have experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds toward shared goals. Just like in the military, successful franchise owners establish clear goals and lead their teams to accomplish them – military vets are well-equipped with the skills and experience it takes to effectively lead a team. 

They are easy to train

Active servicemen and women undergo extensive training designed to help them build the skills they need to carry out specific tasks. Franchisors operate on that same premise – many provide extensive training and support programs to their franchisees as soon as they sign the dotted line. These programs are designed to help the franchisee acclimate to the specific franchise system. Veterans bring a willingness to take direction and an appreciation for training programs, because they understand how they will help set them up for success.

They appreciate the importance of processes and systems

Like a well-oiled machine, a business can only function if all aspects of the system are in sync. While all companies follow some sort of business plan, franchises employ tried-and-true processes and systems designed to see to every owner’s success – some that have been established and proven for decades. Through their extensive military training, veterans are instilled with an appreciation for proven processes and systems. It’s vital that franchise owners adhere to the standards in place to ensure consistency and efficiency across the board. 

They know how to handle pressure

In the franchising world, the franchisor is there to help eliminate much of the risk in starting and running a business. However, that’s not to say the journey doesn’t come with bumps in the road, so it’s important that franchise owners have the ability to remain level-headed in times of stress. While the difficulties and hardships that may arise during business ownership don’t compare to those in the military, veterans are equipped with the skills it takes to navigate high-pressure situations.  

They are goal-oriented

You can’t go into business ownership blind. Establishing clear and attainable goals for you and your team is essential to keeping everyone motivated and on task. This is an aspect that veterans particularly excel at thanks to their dedication, discipline and goal-oriented mindset.

As a member of VetFran, Junk King offers qualifying military veterans a 10% discount on the franchise fee. We provide extensive training and support, and our franchisees appreciate the ease of our programs.

Interested in starting your entrepreneurial journey? Learn more about becoming a Junk King franchisee.

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