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Cold Weather Tips and Tricks

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Feb 14, 2020 11:05:19 PM




For the longest time, surviving the cold weather has not involved dangerous and labor-intensive actions like hunting mammoths, bundling up in furs, or trekking through miles of forest to get firewood. And while warm clothes and ready access to firewood can still be helpful, the best way to deal with cold weather starts with some self-care.

Start the day with a hot meal and something warm to drink, like coffee or tea. It’s easier to alter your own body temperature by starting internally, so get your body’s furnace going before moving on to the external options. If more warmth is needed after that, stick with putting on more layers. If that doesn’t work, then turn on the heater.

Also, blasting the heat won’t always be the healthiest answer. When taking a shower, start with hot water and then lower the temperature to improve blood circulation. Just don’t lower it too much, or you’ll start to feel like a mammoth trapped in ice.


This one may sound a little saucy, but it has more to do with internal body heat regulation. There’s an old saying how the human body loses most of its heat through the head. In other words, all the winter coats in the world won’t serve you as well as a good fuzzy hat.

That’s not true, but it does highlight the fact that any part of your body not covered can lose heat. If you’ve ever been in bed on a cold night and stuck your foot out of the sheets, you know what we’re talking about. Exposed skin will lose heat, even indoors. So don’t feel awkward about wearing winter clothes while sitting on the couch.


Unless you’ve got portable heaters in every room, getting the warm air to circulate through an entire home may require a few tricks. If you like cooking, you can start by finding excuses to bake as much as possible. Why? A hot oven generates heat that can flow through small homes and apartments. Try sealing the windows with plastic wrap to keep the heat inside. Also, turn the ceiling fans on the lower setting and have them spin clockwise. While it may seem counterproductive to have the fans on during winter, doing so will help push the rising hot air back down.


If you have any experience making the bed, you’ll know the sheets go on the mattress before the bedspread. But in the wintertime, consider doing that in reverse.

Why? Because bed covers tend to be thicker than sheets, and it’s just common sense to have the heavier fabric closer to the skin during cold weather (remember that part about exposed skin earlier?). True, the bed may look a little strange with the sheets on top, but the heavier cover will prove a warmer choice while it’s cold outside.

Also, few things in life can match the pleasure of climbing into the bed on a cold night and wrapping up in a thick covering immediately.

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