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Create more space by getting your kids involved in the junk removal process

Posted by barbara on Sep 6, 2015 3:26:10 PM

As we head into the Holiday season, it's the perfect time to do a little bit of house cleaning. Toys from the previous year, items from summer camps, and all sorts of arts and crafts materials have undoubtedly taken over several areas of your house and backyard.

Here are some tips for creating more space by getting your kids involved in the junk removal process:

1. Get rid of large items you don't use.
Did the play structure in the backyard get any playtime this year? Maybe you can get rid of that treadmill no one uses. Removing bulky items can make space for more practical things like a desk. You can involve your kids by asking them how they would like to use the extra space.

2. Set up a system that empowers your kids and gives them a choice over what they keep and what they throw out.
A simple three basket system will help your kids select the items they want to keep, items they want to donate, and items they're ready to throw out. Let them know what will happen to the items they give up, and share some guidance for how to choose the things they want to keep.

3. Give your kids creative freedom.
Instead of allowing your kid's things to slowly take over the entire house, you can work with your kids to clear their rooms of clutter by giving them some creative freedom.

Maybe they need a desk to complete their school work or shelfs to display some of their accomplishments. Whatever the case, most likely they'll have to get rid of some old items to make room for their new stuff, but they'll be excited to do it if they can be involved in the decorating process. This can also turn into a fun DIY project if they want to revamp an old book shelf or turn an old table into a desk.

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