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Illegal Dumping is Everyone's Problem

Posted by Junk King on Jul 9, 2015 10:50:20 AM

Did you wake up one day seeing piles of junk on your curb or on the sidewalks near your home? Sometimes there are people who just indiscriminately leave junk wherever they feel like it. If you think it is not your problem because it is not on your property, think again.

Why Illegal Dumping is Everyone’s Problem

Illegal dumping has a negative effect on the environment, as it may spread germs, disease, and leave behind a trail of hazardous chemicals once it accumulates. You do not have to wait for professionals to begin junk removal. Start by wearing the right protective gear for your hands, feet, and face. Once prepared, sort through the junk and identify which items are recyclable, in good condition for donations, or items you may have a use for.

Recycling the junk helps reduce the amount of trash thrown in overflowing landfills. Overflowing landfills create problems for surrounding communities because of potential chemicals seeping into water supplies and into the soil. These chemicals may affect the eco-system as it may poison animals. This problem may also push animals out of their natural habitats and into nearby homes in search of food and shelter.

Items such as old pieces of furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, clothes, and home décor, can be recycled. Send these items to a recycling center instead of a dumpster or landfill. There are resourceful ways to repurpose junk items. These items may only need a new finish or paint job to make them useful again. Combine items to turn them into new ornaments, furniture, or artworks for your house.

Another alternative is to donate the items you find outside your property. There must be a good reason for their previous owners to just throw items on other people’s property or on the sidewalk. Sift through the items and identify the ones that are still in good condition. Donate the items to charities or organizations that help the less privileged.

Illegal dumping creates clutter outside your property. This clutter is a sight for sore eyes and makes your home look bad. If you are trying to sell your home, seeing junk outside your property decreases its value.

Junk King can help homeowners to get rid of illegal junk thrown near or on their property. Our specialists will do all of the work for you, once you make an appointment. They provide eco-friendly services; they make sure to either recycle or donate most of the junk they haul out of your property.


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