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Getting Started on Your Basement Clean-out Project

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Apr 10, 2015 3:12:29 AM

After several months or even years of not cleaning your basement, you must be shaking in your boots as to what you will discover once you decide to do a basement cleanout.


Clutter, boxes, and all sorts of junk almost always get stuffed into the basement. To make sure your home is clutter and junk-free, you must implement tried and tested basement cleanout practices.

Getting Started on Your Basement Cleanout Project
You may have a dozen things on your mind when you decide to clean out your basement. You must be worrying about where to dump the junk, which items can you recycle, or which items can you donate? These are pertinent questions to ask yourself when you begin a basement cleanout project. Here are some tips that can help you focus and stay on track:

Planning always helps relieve some of the stress of a basement cleanout. By planning your course of action, you will be able to execute your project. Sort and label which items to throw away from the items you plan on keeping. Planning and creating a timeline helps you fit your basement cleanout into your schedule.

Make a Pile
As you are sorting through the junk in your basement, it is ideal to make a pile for each category of junk such as a pile for ‘recycle’, ‘donate’, or ‘keep’. Making piles makes the process easier for you and the junk removal Boston company you will hire. Old clothes, toys, furniture, and appliances will easily be segregated when you make piles during your basement cleanout.

Instead of dumping unwanted items in a dumpster, recycle or repurpose them. Recycling and repurposing helps you do your part in conserving the environment aside from de-cluttering your basement. You can innovate and find different ways to reuse certain items such as jeans, clothes, old toys, or other items you may find in your basement during a cleanout.

Aside from recycling, you can always donate items you no longer use as long as they are still in working condition. There are charities that accept pre-loved items to help their dependents. Sort through the items in your basement to determine which items may be donated to those in need.

Hire a Junk Removal Boston company to help
The easiest option is to hire a junk removal Boston company. Junk removal experts make sure that your basement is clutter-free and spotless after they do the job. Junk removers also help you find ways to get rid of your junk in the most eco-friendly way possible.

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