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Five Good Reasons to Start Thinking Green

Posted by Julian Torres, "JT" on Apr 9, 2015 1:36:43 AM

More and more residents are turning to eco-friendly junk removal Chicago services, you should too. Accumulating junk leads to a variety of problems such as; fire hazards, bacteria and germ growth, clutter, lack of space, and a general feeling of stuffiness when entering a room. Also, overflowing landfills pose different sorts of problems to the community and the environment.


Overflowing landfills may leak harmful chemicals into a water source and in the land, poisoning plants and the ecosystems around it and polluting a vital water source of the community.

Five Good Reasons to Start Thinking Green
There are now alternative ways for junk removal in Chicago. Here are five good reasons to change your approach and mindset about green solutions to junk disposal:

1. Changing your approach to junk removal helps reduce the amount of waste created. The average American gets rid of an average of 7 ½ pounds of waste each day.

2. Going green is good for the environment. Recycling or repurposing junk helps reduce the amount of junk thrown in landfills, limits the land needed for landfills and protects ecosystems, fewer natural resources are consumed, and less energy is wasted are just a handful of the reasons to go green.

3. Going green prevents global warming. Approximately 52 million metric tons of carbon equivalent (measurement for greenhouse gases) are prevented from release into the air because of recycling.

4. A green way of disposing of junk helps protect wildlife. Using reused, repurposed, or recycled items reduces the need to damage rivers, wetlands, forests, and other animal habitats.

5. Going green reduces water pollution. Factories churn out products that create waste that eventually lead to a water source. The chemicals used to create certain products pollute the surrounding bodies of water.

These are five good reasons to start thinking green when it comes to junk removal. Recycling, donating, or repurposing junk go a long way. These small things add up and help conserve the environment just as much as small amounts of junk haphazardly disposed of damages the environment.

To help you get started in your path to eco-friendly junk removal, Chicago residents can seek help from companies like Junk King. Junk removal Chicago companies provide you with eco-friendly services such as recycling or donating. With the help of a junk remover, you don’t have to do the lifting, hauling, and removing of junk from your property on your own.

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