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Posted by frankc on Nov 14, 2013 9:15:57 AM

Hot tubs can be a joy. Nothing better than settling in that hot tub, turning on the bubbles and soaking away your aches and pains.

Hot tubs can be a pain. They are expensive to maintain, expensive to run, and when they fall into disuse, well they get horrible and scummy. There are plenty of folks out there with hot tubs in their yards who never use them. Junk King hauls them away all the time. When you are living in a home, with no plans on moving, you can stare at that old, abandoned hot tub for years. Not so when you are moving. When you are moving, it is going to be your responsibility to get that old tub off the premises, and you will not want to do it yourself, that's for sure.

Let me digress for a moment. Nearly every Junk King employee has worked the trucks. Everyone from the grandest, highest nabob of JK, to the phone team to staff writers—we've all been out there in the trenches. On my day working the trucks, naturally, we hauled out a hot tub. It sat on a wooden deck, with narrow, wooden, winding stairway the only way to take out the tub. The guys made short work of it, mostly without my help. (Our later job was at a third floor walk up where we removed everything, including the kitchen sink--ouch.)

My point in this story is this: Junk King hauls hot tubs. And when you are moving, and your hot tub is not an asset but liability, and it needs to removed, we can do it is a surprisingly short time. The company does it all the time. Our trucks are big. You don't have to wonder if we can handle the size of your oversized gorilla of a tub. Since we remove them all the time, it is surprisingly affordable.

Junk King can remove that tub quickly and easily. You need not plan for weeks on how the job is going to get done. Just call us, tell us what you have, and one of your moving problems is solved.

Got more junk than that tub, call us. We are fast, affordable, and green. Junk King does all the work.

1-888-888-5865 (JUNK)


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