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Posted by frankc on Sep 24, 2013 9:13:18 AM

Recycle Symbol Spring

Why does Junk King hauling and recycling care about green? First and foremost, it is the right thing to do.Consider this: waste disposal costs billions of dollars per year.

In certain third world nations, the cost of disposing of waste is simply unaffordable. Governments don't have the money to handle the mess, so it sits, in place, where it is dropped. Or, in our own country, roadside litter is not only unsightly and environmentally unfriendly, it costs billion$ to dispose of it. In California alone, it costs $52 million last year to deal with roadside litter. Imagine how that money could help out in other ways. (Junk King covers their loads to alleviate roadside litter.)

Think America doesn't have problems? Consider this. New York City spends $2.2 billion yearly on waste management. (The Gross National Product in troubled Somalia by the way, is under $6 billion.) The United States exports a tremendous amount of waste. Imagine the cost! While America does pretty well recycling, we need to do better. (Junk King is way ahead of the national average recycling 60% of the items they haul, above the national average for the easy-to-recycle aluminum cans.)

So, why green? It is obvious isn't it. Imagine if America just stopped littering, or cut its littering figures by 50% nationwide. Let's start living with some respect for our environment. Junk King can help. Give us a call. We're fast, green, and provide the best service in the industry.




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