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Junk King Junk Haulers and Recyclers—Think You Know Who They Are?

Posted by frankc on Sep 13, 2013 6:16:48 PM
What do people know about the franchisees of Junk King? Well there are over 50 franchises in the system now with a branch in Canada too. All are locally owned and operated, but it is the diversity of the people who are Junk King franchisees that is really interesting.

So, want to know who the men and women are of Junk King--how about doctors, lawyers, and past executives from big corporations, not to mention others who might come closer to the Mom and Pop small business owners one might expect. All are honest, hard-working folk who take an active interest in their communities. Well, I fudged a bit on us having a doctor. We have no physicians, but Jean Leon, owner of the Hudson Valley, New York was a medical radiation therapist. Bill Taggart, owner of the Richmond, Virginia franchise is a lawyer (and sky diver.)

Surprised? When I first started with Junk King I found the diversity within the company surprising as well. We have a number of men and women who were top executives who now own Junk King franchises. People like Lee Turrini, Orange County franchise owner and past executive of FranklinCovey and graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. The thing is, Junk King Hauling and Recycling franchises draw a lot of different personalities for a lot of different reasons. But most just jumped on the opportunity to own their own business in their communities to make a difference.

Take Scott and Amy Pozerski of the Middlesex County, Massachusetts Junk King. They are a young couple with children who have worked hard to build their business in their area. Their hard work has paid off. They are one of the most successful franchises in the system. Or, consider Renee Ferguson, veteran of the Throwdown with Chef Bobby Flay television show, turkey advice lady for Butterball Turkey, and author of Talk Turkey to Me. Renee is co-owner of the Dallas-Fort Worth franchise.

There are as many great personalities as there are franchises in the Junk King family. What's all this mean? Well, first, hard work and dedication are the key to business success in junk and other small businesses. Also, we've got plenty of stories to tell for future blogs. Stay tuned.

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