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Clear Out Your Office Clutter This Summer

Posted by Junk King on Jul 18, 2011 11:10:45 AM
Clean the office and throw stuff out! Summer is the best time of year to do that because business is slow and you need something productive to do. All of your clients are on vacation and so are most of your employees at one time or another. The tumbleweeds are blowing across the break room floor and you can spend as much time as you like picking through old files and rearranging furniture. Just do yourself a favor when you’re done and get rid of all the old, useless paperwork, tables, chairs, and appliances that you are no longer using. Don’t lie to yourself and pretend you’ll use that stuff again some day. You won’t. Junk King can take care of all of that clutter and make the rest of your year clean and efficient.
Taking advantage of slowdown periods is a skill that most managers learn only after letting one of those time periods go by without doing anything. How many times did you look at those same junk items last summer and didn’t have them removed? You probably thought the slow season would last longer than it did, or maybe you just procrastinated till Labor Day and then got caught in the fall rush. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hundreds of folks in the same position as you have failed to act in past years and are cleaning out their offices this year on schedule.
Start with an assessment of your situation.
Which part of the office do you want to work on first? That break room is not likely to be this empty again any time soon. It’s best to begin a clean-up in areas where you’re getting light traffic now, but expect heavier traffic at any point in time. In addition to the break room, that could also include the reception area, kitchens if you have them, and any conference rooms that see heavy use during the busy season. Clean these out one at a time and try to do them at night when the office is closed if you can. Even when you’re slow, it’s still better to take care of your junk removal when no one can see what you’re hauling out.
Any sensitive paperwork should be shredded. There are companies that specialize in that type of thing. Any old appliances should be recycled. Junk King can haul away refrigerators, air conditioners, and old computers to be recycled along with couches, chairs and tables that will be destroyed.
Save your own office for last. You’ll want to be able to spend time on it without feeling rushed to complete the project. When you do finally get to it, think about throwing everything out and starting from scratch. A new look will give you a new attitude and keep you from feeling bored. You might find some great office furniture there that someone else was tired of. You know what they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s prize.” Good luck and have a wonderful summer.

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