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Time to Get Rid of Your Washer / Dryer?

Posted by Junk King on May 11, 2011 10:50:51 AM
Have you been wrestling with the decision about getting rid of your old washer and/or dryer? When either breaks down, repairs could be expensive, particularly if you don’t have any handyman’s skills of your own.
How do you make the choice between investing in parts and labor vs. just going to the appliance store to buy a new machine? Economics definitely come into play. Aesthetics might be an issue too, if the laundry room is in an area of the house that guests can easily see. Here are three evaluation points to consider when deciding if you need to get rid of your washer / dryer.
1. Economics: Addressing the economics: is the cost of a new washer or dryer an expense or an investment? When you file your taxes, you can definitely list it in the expense column if your home is set up as an income property or multi-unit dwelling. As a single homeowner, you may or may not get away with that (ask your accountant), but you can definitely look at a new machine as an investment. They run more efficiently than the old ones and cost less to maintain. Best of all, they’ll be under warranty for a number of years, so your repair worries are over for a while.
2. Aesthetics / Repairs: Aesthetics don’t come into play if your washer and dryer are locked away in a dark basement where no one but you will venture. If they’re upstairs in an area where others might see them, you’ll need to buy something sleek and attractive to the casual eye. You’ll want it to be functional also, of course, but paying attention to color and style needs to be added to your shopping to-do list. Buying a basement model can be purely about best price. A household unit has to match the décor.
There are used appliance websites where you can buy parts to repair almost any washer or dryer. Some of the repairs are pretty simple, especially dryer repairs. A gas dryer is made up of half a dozen parts that are all easy to get to and replace. Washers are a bit more complex. Do you want to make repairs and keep the old units? We’ve already examined the costs and issues that will be related to shopping for a new one. After all that, are you now leaning toward keeping those old machines?
3. Conservation: Conservation is issue number three. Older machines like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers burn more electricity and gas, use more water in their operations, and cost you more in your monthly utility bills. Even worse than that, they consume more of our natural resources. Most electrical plants right now are coal-fired, so electricity use adds to air pollution in the United States. Many of those plants are being changed over to natural gas, nuclear, or alternative energy like solar and wind, so conserving now will create a brighter future for the next generation and others that come after.
If, after reviewing these three points, you've decided it's time to get rid of your washer / dryer, than be sure to give Junk King a call at 1-800-995-JUNK to haul the old machines away in an efficient and affordable manner.

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