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Recycle Your E-Waste Today!

Posted by Junk King on Apr 4, 2011 1:42:10 PM

The Chicago Tribune recently published an interesting article regarding the status of electronic waste, or e-waste in this country. From the Tribune: "On average, each U.S. household has about 24 electronic gadgets, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. About 2 million tons of unwanted electronic items accumulate every year nationwide, but less than 20 percent is recycled, according to the EPA. The rest end up in landfills, where toxic materials such as lead, mercury and beryllium can leak, posing human health and environmental problems."

One of the reasons why e-waste is such a prevalent problem lately is because of the tremendous pace of technological advancement. A five-year old computer is now considered outdated - although it might be able to do the basics like word processing it will probably have trouble trying to perform any advanced functions like playing movies, games or viewing high-bandwidth websites.

The same trend goes for printers, copy machines, shredders and televisions. In fact, televisions are one of the largest sourced of e-waste as people toss out their old boxy sets for flat screen and HDTVs that are rapidly dropping in price. This rate of technological progression, coupled with the round-the-clock marketing campaigns by manufacturers to 'upgrade' your electronics, has made e-waste the fastest growing portion of garbage in the United States.

This trend certainly isn't going to slow down anytime soon either. All signs point to a continued rate of advancing rate technology (as well as marketing), which translates to more and more e-waste over the next decade or so. Although US local and federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency are pushing legislation to curb irresponsible disposal of e-waste, this simply won't be enough.

People around the country need to take a stand and realize that e-waste ending up in landfills can dramatically affect the environment and eco-system around us. The decisions that citizens make today will truly make a difference in the quality of life of the next several generations.

So what can you do? Walk around your house and label all your old electronics with a post-it note. These are the items that are sitting around, not getting used and are bound for the trash can or dump at some point without prior intervention. On a weekend, gather all of these items and find a nearby recycling center that you can bring them to.

Don't have the time or manpower to haul out these items? Give Junk King a call at 1-800-995-JUNK. Junk King will make sure to responsibly haul away your e-waste items by bringing them to the correct facilities.

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